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By Jonathan Owen on 12/10/2014 11:35 PM

Remington MSRYour Grandpa wasn’t even around when Eliphalet Remington II built his first rifle for competition. It was almost 199 years ago. There is no chance he could have predicted what his company would show off at the fabled Gunsite Academy north of Prescott, AZ in December 2014. For some, the Remington name draws nothing less than devout ire. For others, admiration. The truth is that no company this old, this big and this diverse could have marched through history blunder free, yet for 200 years Remington has continued to supply Americans with quality firearms and innovation. What you’re about to read is basically the highlight reel. There’s more new coming from Remington than I could possibly share here, but start with this: Theses aren't your Grandpa’s Remingtons. Read on, and be sure to catch the video.

By Stephen Owen on 12/4/2014 9:29 AM

Christmas time is here again! Many of you have been thinking about what to get the hunter or shooter in your life (or maybe what YOU’D like to get). We’ve put together some of our favorite picks of the year. We’ve tested some form of each item and personally think it would be great to get them in our stockings or under the tree. So take a look. You will find inexpensive but practical items and over the top amazing choices that everyone dreams of. Whatever you get for your loved ones, we at SHWAT™ wish you a Merry Christmas and hope the season will be full of blessings and the smell of gun powder!

By Jonathan Owen on 11/27/2014 6:31 AM

Aimpoint ACOPredictable and Exciting married and had a baby. Predictable’s DNA contributed the red dot, familiar controls and mount. Exciting naturally delivered the surprises - the price point and availability. I’m not writing this off a press release, I’ve used this baby, and I think the parents must both be proud. It’s the ACO from Aimpoint. ACO is short for Aimpoint Carbine Optic. 

My first red dot sight wasn’t an Aimpoint. In my mind, those were reserved for military and those who had incomes that dwarfed mine. Besides, I could only see them in magazines or online, and dropping the kind of coin involved without ever seeing one first hand was more than I could swallow. So like a lot of other people, I got a cheap Chinese knock off. Had the ACO been around back then, the rest of what you're about to read would be quite different.