Fred Mastison

Fred MastisonFred T. Mastison, President of Force Options Tactical Training Solutions, is a professional firearms, defensive tactics, personal protection instructor. He has been training in CQB / CQD style combatives for over three decades and is recognized internationally as one of the top Firearms and Defensive Tactics instructors in the world.

Mr. Mastison is a member of the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association and has produced several DVDs with topics ranging from advanced defensive tactics to advanced knife defense and firearms training. He is currently completing a book on the subject of Defensive Tactics training and instruction. His courses are recognized and certified by several state law enforcement POST agencies and officers receive professional credit for attendance. He currently holds 16 separate POST course certifications around the U.S.

Mr. Mastison has had the fortune of training extensively with some of the finest instructors in the world. His vast experience has allowed him to provide an extreme variety of training. He is a certifying instructor for law enforcement firearms instructors in Missouri in handgun, patrol rifle, shotgun and sub machine gun. He is nationally NRA certified instructor in multiple disciplines. He is a Master Instructor in light automatic weapons and is regularly in demand for automatic weapons courses. His certifications include:

Arizona Department of Public Safety Certified Firearms and CCW Instructor
NRA Certified Handgun Instructor
NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor
NRA Certified Rifle Instructor
NRA Certified Firearms Safety Instructor
NRA Certified Inside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
NRA Certified Outside the Home Personal Protection Instructor
Graduate – Special Advanced Tactical Handgun Course – American Small Arms Academy – Chuck Taylor
Graduate – Tactical Low-light Handgun Course – Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical
Graduate -Tactical handgun Course – Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical 2x
Graduate – LEO Tactical Carbine Course – Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical 2x
Graduate – LEO Tactical Pistol Course – Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical
Graduate – 1911 Operators Course / Armorers Course – Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical
Graduate – Precision Rifle Course -Long Gun Solutions
Distinguished Graduate – Precision Rifle Fieldcraft – Prvt LE Course
Distinguished Graduate – Front Sight 4 day Defensive Handgun – 2x
Graduate – Front Sight Practical Rifle course
Certified Glock Armorer
Certified 1911 Armorer
Graduate – Blackwater Tactical Lifesaver Course
Certified Kyusho Jitsu Instructor – Kyusho International
Graduate – Humane Pressure Point Control
Certified Monadnock expandable baton
5th degree Black Belt – Aikido
7th degree Black Belt – Aikijitsu

Mr. Mastison sees tactical hog hunting as the natural extension and practical application of much tactical training.  He is developing SHWAT™ specific methods and strategies to share with our readers and his students.  But don’t tell the hogs Fred Mastison is on board, as the element of surprise is ours.

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