Kat Haas Outdoors

Kat Haas Outdoors

This hunting duo are avid outdoorsmen. Wes Malik started hunting at the age of 14 and introduced Kat Haas to hunting when they first met in college. Kat, a longtime shooter, fell in love with hunting and the two have been joined at the hip and in the tree stand ever since.

Growing up on the eastern shore of Maryland, these two took advantage of all the outdoor opportunities that Maryland had to offer. Hunting of all sorts, fishing, crabbing, hiking, equestrian sports, and anything outdoors it was all on the menu. Married and moved to Colorado now where Wes is on active military duty, they both live in and embrace the spirit of Western spirit of adventure. Now Kat and Wes have added snowboarding, mountain biking and rock climbing to their outdoor repertoire.

Kat and Wes enjoy sharing their outdoor adventures with their pup, Hershey, who enjoys hiking in the wilderness.

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