Dr. Chris Magee, Veterinarian

Chris MageeChris Magee is a veterinarian with the US Army.  He is lucky enough to work with and care for some of our country’s finest <canine> soldiers.  Chris is also an avid hunter, shooter, and outdoorsman.

His passion for wildlife grew as he pursued his undergraduate degree at Mississippi State University in wildlife and fisheries science.  Applying science and fun proved to be an everyday affair.  That passion only grew more as he went on veterinary school at Mississippi State.  At that point, his friends often joked that he probably performs CPR on the animals he harvests–no luck with resuscitation so far.  With his wildlife background, he was able to educate his peers in school on the importance of wild hog management and the threat they pose to our natural wildlife, livestock, and the public—even providing fresh hog samples from his hunting grounds for the veterinary school laboratory to examine.

After completing veterinary school, he was commissioned into the United States Army Veterinary Corps and stationed at Fort Campbell, KY where he and his wife currently call home.

With his articles, Chris hopes to educate SHWAT™ members on various aspects of public health and animal health, as well as the biology of wild hogs and the threats they pose to us and our environment.

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