Amy Rutzen

Amy RutzenAmy Rutzen is a wife, mother and avid outdoors adventurer.

Her love for the high country was developed at a young age through camping, fishing, horseback riding and hiking the mountains surrounding her childhood home. Bow hunting entered the picture later in her life when she picked up a compound bow at a friend’s BBQ, released her first round of arrows and knew she had found her passion. Today she’ll hunt with bow, rifle, shotgun – as long as she’s hunting she’s happy! And while she’s hunted the Texas plains and Oregon, her favorite place to hunt and adventure is the High Country Rockies in Colorado.

In addition to passing her love for the outdoors on to her three children, Amy’s dream is to motivate, equip and inspire first generation hunters to become confident, educated conservationists ensuring that this lifestyle will go on long after she is gone. She believes that killing an animal to provide meat for the table is a God-given right, one that should not be reserved only for individuals who are born or marry into families pedigreed by generations of hunting experience.

Whether you’ve been immersed in this lifestyle for decades or are in the beginning stages of putting your very FIRST hunt together, you are welcome in the mountains. Go write your story and fill it with grand adventures had in the high country! That is a life lived. That is a legacy to be proud of. THAT is Altitude Sickness!

“I didn’t choose hunting. Hunting chose me.” – Donnie Vincent

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