Jared Hilton – The Accidental Hunter

Born and raised on the border of Mexico, Jared is an El Paso native now living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Sports was life growing up, and while he played others soccer was the muse that kept him playing at the college and semipro levels. Introduced to hunting at the age of 27 he’s been hooked ever since. While he has hunted deer, dove, and coyotes, it’s the wild hogs of Texas that irresistibly pull him into the field time and time again. He doesn’t like cats but tolerates them. He’s also a horrible singer, so bad in fact that he’s not even allowed to sing in the shower.  He’s blessed with an amazing wife, two daughters and a son. They had a Betta fish named Dory, but she died recently in an accident unrelated to hunting. Perhaps most novel of all, he’s an eyewitness to SHWAT™ Publisher Jonathan Owen actually running.

He is The Accidental Hunter.

Jared never intended to become a hunter. Guns weren’t part of his growing up. But in an interesting twist, the very fields he hunts regularly were the birthplace of SHWAT™.

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