Kelsy Gonzales – Rocky Mountain Tactical Hunter

Kelsy Gonzales - SHWAT Pro StaffKelsy grew up in WY and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t pulling the
trigger on some type of prey. Other than a four year vacation in the
Marine Corps hunting two-legged creatures, his life has always revolved
around pursuing furred and feathered animals, primarily in the Rocky
Mountain region. He began hunting large game with an AR-15 two years ago. Kelsy found modern methods, gear and guns to be real assets to his pursuit of prey.

Kelsy has an Associate degree in Photography and a Bachelors degree in
Natural Resource Management and Forestry from Colorado State. He worked in both
the Federal and Private sectors with these degrees until 2009 when he followed another lifelong passion to be a hunting guide. While guiding, Kelsy and his partner started Orion Design Group. Kelsy is Chief Operations Officer. ODG is a Hunting/Tactical
outdoor apparel and gear company based out of Wyoming. Its primary focus
is personal concealment patterns (camouflage), bridging the gap between
the Hunting/Tactical/Outdoor industries. This is accomplished by designing
clothing and gear that can be of multiple uses while giving the end user
more options and modularity when building their kit.
As a member of the SHWAT™ Team Kelsy will educate and entertain fellow hunters and enthusiasts with the joy and versatility of AR platform hunting. Gear, tactics and techniques based on a lifelong hunting lifestyle and military background are all a part of Kely’s stories. You’ll be a better hunter for reading.

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Orion Design Group

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