Josh Harmsworth

Josh Harmsworth

Josh Harmsworth has the extreme misfortune to live on the shores of Hawaii’s Big Island. With 10 out of 14 possible climates on one island, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventure variety! 

Don’t ask Josh about pop culture or what his favorite TV show was growing up; he doesn’t know. Growing up without TV, he spent his days sailing with his family, and advancing through programs like Boy Scouts, which meant he was far more familiar with the great outdoors than celebrities…

His intro to the world of hunting came through his love of motorcycles only 6 years ago, when he discovered you could access a whole lot more trails with a hunting license! There’s just nothing like the feeling of flying up the backside of a dormant volcano on a screaming 250 with a rifle strapped to your back and knowing there’s not another soul to be found for miles. But what started as just a riding excuse, eventually became an extremely satisfying way to put healthy meat on the table for his family. He still considers himself a better rider than hunter, but the gap is narrowing! 

Ironically, after almost no exposure to such things growing up, his “real” job now is in film and tv production. After an interest in cameras and computers led him to film school in Hawaii after high school, he got hooked on both storytelling AND the islands. For the last 16 years he’s been telling stories with cameras and lights both in the US and internationally. 

This media background, along with a lifetime outdoors, made filming and documenting hunting stories a no brainer! So as much as he can, Josh has a gun or a camera in hand (and hopefully a 4-stroke Yamaha beneath him), enjoying and showing off the beauty of nature on his island or anywhere else in the world where something need to be shot! 

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