Erik Alexander

Erik AlexanderErik Alexander is a great example of the Tactical Hunter who combines his love for tactical training and shooting with his passion for the outdoors and hunting. Hailing from Miami, Florida, he’s trained over the past six years with Tactical Firearm’s Academy and Tactical U. His comfort with a pistol and the AR-15 platform are fundamentally based on the training he’s received. Skills learned are applied in hunting hogs and deer from Florida to Indiana.

When it comes to tactical hunting, Erik customizes each firearm to the specific terrain and animal he intends to hunt.  He’s harvested hogs with his AR-15 in 5.56/.223 and 6.8SPC calibers.  He’s harvested a hog with a custom built 300BLK SBR.  A suppressor will be added to the mix later this year.  For deer season, Erik prefers his 6.8SPC for Florida hunts and brings out the big bore .450 Bushmaster for the first week of Indiana deer firearm season.

Erik’s father introduced him to hunting on a trip to Indiana when Erik was eight years old. His shooting interest continued in the Boy Scouts, where he earned the marksmanship and shotgun merit badges. A few years later he earned the highest rank in scouting, the Eagle Scout Rank.

Erik is also very passionate about gun safety and youth shooting sports.  In 2013, Erik and his daughter, Maddie were invited by Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range in Miami, FL to participate in a local ABC News Station interview regarding children and firearms.  Erik and Maddie also appeared in a CNN Special Report regarding firearm safety and youth shooting sports.

When Erik is not working, hunting or shooting, he’s somewhere outdoors with his friends and family.  Erik and his wife recently purchased a RV and have been having a great time planning camping trips with fellow RV enthusiasts.  Erik is married to Mimi, his high school sweetheart and they have one daughter, Maddie.

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