Casey Jones

Casey JonesCasey Jones

Born and raised a stone’s throw from the Mexico border in Texas’ southernmost county, Casey like his food and his hunting spicy. Like many of you he grew up he competing in multiple sports. While the sports fields and disciplines changed over the years one constant remained – His love for the outdoors and firearms.

Thanks to his big dreams and persistence, not to mention some good parenting along the way, he got his first BB gun at just four years old. He still has his first shotgun which showed up when he was eight. His first rifle came when was thirteen.

Growing up he hunted anything, anywhere, at anytime with anybody. He craved hunting, and that hasn’t change a bit. As an adult he is an avid sportsman and shooter. Those, and he’s testing the waters of competitive shooting.

Casey is blessed with a beautiful wife and two little girls When he is not spending time with them you can bet he is roaming around Texas with a rifle in tow chasing that next big adventure.

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