Dave Bahde – Dr. WT…? Some tactics never die, they just get regenerated


Lieutenant Dave Bahde (retired) has been a professional firearms instructor and consultant for close to two decades and is currently on staff at the prestigious Gunsite Academy in Paulden Arizona. Dave has also been training and teaching traditional Japanese Martial Arts for more than four decades. He has assisted tactical teams and police departments in firearms selection, implementation and deployment, and has also developed training programs. Dave is a recognized subject matter expert on firearms, tactics, and use of force in both State and Federal Court. Dave developed, implemented, and managed the South Salt Lake Police Department firearms program for more than ten years. Either on or in command of the SWAT team during that time, he has been involved in every aspect of tactical team development, training, implementation, command, and management. Starting as a police sniper, Dave has been deploying, maintaining, and operating a precision rifle for two plus decades. Continuing through his retirement in 2009, he trained with and instructed the South Salt Lake SWAT sniper unit. Along with decades of experience in the Law Enforcement community he holds both a Bachelor’s and Masters Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.

Dave retired as a Lieutenant in 2009 and began his professional career as a writer for Harris Publications and a number of other firearms related magazines and periodicals. He has published more than a thousand articles in major print publications and industry periodicals. Much of his time is spent traveling the country covering training related to firearms of all kinds. Between his time on the PD and as a writer he has accumulated thousands of hours of training with the best instructors in the world. Dave holds certifications as a user, instructor, and armorer in numerous weapons systems from pistols to shotguns, submachineguns, carbines and precision rifles. Anything but an avid hunter during his police career, he developed a strong interest in hunting hogs as a gun writer. Dave also hunts some other predators using everything from handguns to long range rifles, from near to extended ranges.

The “LT” holds advanced degress in several martial arts and teaches Karate and Kendo and continues to write and consult. Both for enjoyment and work, Dave is on the range testing or shooting various firearms several days a week. Precision rifles remain his passion, along with anything outside the norm when it comes to pistols and carbines. Dave Bahde is a strong 2nd Amendment and Concealed Carry advocate. He also believes the enjoyment, learning, and pure joy that comes from proper firearms use must be passed to the next generation. Look to his contributions here for training and insight that insures the continued ability to own and carry firearms while at the same time creating the next generation of shooters and hunters.


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