Lalo Rapid Assault boot review

Here at SHWAT™, we’ve reviewed Lalo boots (and others) in various flavors. I’ve worn Lalo from the ancient city of Petra Jordan (made famous in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) to the lava fields of Hawaii’s Big Island while hunting sheep. That’s literally halfway around the globe’s circumference. I’m not a Lalo brand ambassador, I don’t even know if they have those. To date, they’ve never sent a wooden nickle to back us, though like every other publication we need to make money to exist. Doesn’t matter, I freaking love my Lalo footwear, and I’ll tell you what specifically impresses me now in this Lalo Rapid Assault boot review.

Lalo Rapid Assault Boot Basis

My BUD/S ZODIAC RECON AT Jungle shoes are basically worn out. They’ve been under water, across lava, traversed deserts and mountains. I keep wearing them. I should order some new ones, as you can see. If you haven’t read my BUD/S ZODIAC RECON review, now would be a good time, because the Lalo Rapid Assault boot is based on those shoes.

So imagine that, a boot based on your favorite shoe!

Lalo Rapid Assault boot

I expected comfort, rugged build, and good looks. How do Rapid Assault boots compare to my expectations?

Lalo Rapid Assault Boot Basics

The Rapid Assault boots score with good looks, though the shoes have more styling if that matters to you. I chose six inch Coyote Brown, but you can also get them in black and Multi Cam. If you want them taller, go for the nine inch version. The contour lines of the boot are both functional and aesthetic.

When it comes to build quality, the Lalo Rapid Assault boots seem every bit as well made as the three other Lalo products I wear. For example, you’ll find triple stitching on the carbonized rubber toe cap and heel counter. And what of this “carbonized rubber” business? Well, the process enhances rubber beyond the scope here, but the same kinds of processes also are with rubber to dampen earthquake vibration.

I’ve been in an earthquake in Mexico City, so an earthquake dampening component to boots sounds great to me. Okay, that’s not how it works, but I like that Lalo uses high tech, durable components in their boots.

Lalo Rapid Assault Boots Comfort

Here’s my thinking: My favorite shoes are the basis for the Rapid Assault boot, the boot should be perfect. But, life never seems to work out quite that perfectly. Boots and shoes are not the same. Duh. So it’s silly to assume they would. But because I’m so familiar with my Lalo shoes, I have to compare them with the boots in this review.

As far as I can determine, the sole of Rapid Assault boot perfectly duplicates the shoe sole. That means long life and great traction in all kinds of terrain, from urban to ancient deserts. Interestingly, the amount of flex in the new boot is identical to my worn out Lalo Recon AT shoes. In both cases, I find it natural and neither too stiff nor too supple. The sole, foundation of the boot, does it’s job well. They are super comfortable on rocks, dirt, and pavement.

rapid assault boot lalo

Comfort requires more than a nice foundation, however. For example, you may not want or need a fully waterproof boot, you may need one that simply dries quickly. The Lalo Rapid Assault boots us the same two way passive drainage system as my shoes and Shadow Amphibian boots (or nearly identical in the case of the boots it appears). You can see the vents in the picture below. In a dry climate, I submerged my foot in the water for a minute, then hiked onward. In something like ten minutes, my foot felt dry. Gotta love that!

Lalo boot review

The Rapid Assault boot rubber toe cap creates a different feel than my Recon AT shoes (which lack that feature). A toe cap on a boot makes perfect sense, protecting your toes in terrain where you’d choose a boot over a shoe. Finding the right sock thickness proved important to me in the comfort category. The boots are more protective, but less forgiving in that respect.

Moving up the boot, the Cordura™ upper breaths nicely and weighs less than those of the Shadow Amphibian boots, or the Shadow Intruder boots. In fact, the whole boot only weighs one pound, one once in size ten. Unlike it’s heavier cousins, that upper super flexible, again requiring me to find the right thickness sock to keep it comfortable. That’s entirely subjective, of course, and the middle weight sock does the job nicely.

So how comfortable are the Rapid Assault Lalo boots? With the right sock, they are quite comfortable.

What is the “Rapid” part of “Rapid Assault”?

I suppose you could interpret the “Rapid” part of the Lalo label be marketing speak for, “run fast and far.” I mean, the rocker shaped sole promotes mid-foot strike and forward momentum, something I can actually feel. But, no, that’s not really it.

review lalo rapid assault boot

Sitting on the back porch of my favorite hog hunting place in Texas I’ve laced and unlaced filthy Lalo boots countless times. It can take me longer than I’d like, which sounds silly, even as I type it. The structured fit of the Shadow series that I love so much requires me to unlace far down to get in or out, then tighten to secure them. Not a big deal, but…

The “Rapid” in the Lalo “Rapid Assault” boots refers to the rapid lace system. It’s quick in and quick out. Like all my other Lalo boots, you then tuck the laces into the external hidden pocket in the tongue.

Lalo boot review

Lalo Rapid Assault Boot Review Conclusions

I hope you take a couple of minutes more to look at the Lalo reviews we’ve already published. The context will help you understand why more than one of us here at SHWAT™ are so smitten by the Lalo products. The Lalo band name unfortunately remains below the radar for many potential users. Obviously, I’d highly recommend the Rapid Assault boots to anyone looking for a durable, multi use boot. Find a favorite sock and your feet will likely thank you for years for time spent in these Lalos. The six inch version currently runs $170 at and comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

review lalo rapid assault boot

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