Terminal List sunglasses review

Jack Carr’s The Terminal List Amazon Prime Series exploded onto screens staring Chris Pratt as Navy Seal Lt. Commander James Reece. Confounding the woke critic crusade protesting the The Terminal List, audiences freaking love James Reece as a uniquely skilled operator on a mission to right a massive wrong. So it’s no surprise, then, that all kinds of people are more than a little interested in the Reece’s sunglasses, the Gatorz Magnums.

James Reece Black Sunglasses in The Terminal List Season 1

I started wearing the Gatorz Magnums long before Chris Pratt hit the screen as Reece in The Terminal List. With the investment in Lasik corrective eye surgery a few years ago, the world of wrap around, stylish and functionally amazing sunglasses opened up to me (though Gatorz offers prescription options!). I reviewed a number of sunglasses shortly thereafter, but hadn’t yet discovered Gatorz. I guess I should have done a Gatorz Magnum sunglasses review after I started wearing them, but with the huge popularity of The Terminal List, it looks like now is the time.

Gatorz review

My one MARSOC buddy likes the phrase, “Gucci gear” to describe over-the-top nice kit. Think fancy billet aluminum AR-15 receivers, the highest end camo, etc. Well, like those AR receivers, Gatorz sunglasses are made from billet aluminum. And like a growing number of Gucci gear guns, you can buy some Gatorz models finished in limited Cerakote® colors. I’d love to have some of those myself!

Why Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses for The Terminal List?

So why would Lt. Commander James Reece (and other cast as well), choose Gatorz black sunglasses? Well, Hollywood product placement, of course, says the cynic. No doubt, that matters to Executive Producer Chris Pratt and the accountants behind The Terminal List, but I have to wonder if there’s more.

james reece sunglasses

I found a TFB video from October 13, 2020 with Jack Carr, the author of The Terminal List. He’s discussing the two Sig Guns he prefers to carry. He says then that he has no deals with anybody, as he prefers the authenticity of staying clear of those. The fact that Sig has corresponding product placement in the Amazon series, and likely paid for that, takes nothing away from authenticity in my book. Why wouldn’t Sig want to invest there? I observe Carr wearing Gatorz magnums in the 2020 TFB video, two years before the Amazon TV series release. It seems to me that The Terminal List TV series product placements are indeed authentic to the author. Oh, did I fail to mention Carr is a former Navy Seal? Yeah.

Gatorz Magum Sunglasses Build and What That Delivers

So, about the Gatorz sunglasses rocked by The Terminal List author Carr and actor Chris Pratt (aka, Lt. Commander James Reece)… Machined from billet aluminum, the Magnum sunglasses look tactical, yet high end. Obviously, this robust build should outlast the plentiful plastic options on the market. The wrap around design lets you flex the to fit your face, which is different from every other face (unless you’re an identical twin?). Basically, this gives you the ability to custom fit the glasses to you, one that is great for limiting wind and debris from getting into your eyes. I found this video while doing research on Gatorz showing all the possible adjustment options. Fortunately for most of us, adjustments don’t require the massive pecs featured in the video…


Reece’s sunglasses can be acquired by you and me in a number of configurations. Options include polarized and non-polarized versions, along with ANSI Z87.1 MILSPEC Ballistic lenses, color options (frames, and in some cases lenses) and special editions. Lenses can be replaced at the factory, should you want or need to update them. Gatorz offers a lifetime warranty with some common sense caveats about your responsibility not to tear them up and then ask for a free pair under warranty. Gatorz are designed, machined, and assembled right here in the USA.

gatorz terminal list

Given their build and optional ANSI Z87.1 MILSPEC Ballistic lenses, the Gatorz Magnums are great shooting and/or safety glasses. They look better than your Home Depot pair. You get wrap around protection and no blind spots.

To be fair, nothing scores perfectly and if I didn’t disparage something about them I’d get accused of being on the Gatorz payroll. I wish, do you have any idea how long it takes to write and photograph for these stories? So, for real, there is one potentially huge problem all Gatorz glasses – they don’t float! Wear them in your bad ass bass boat or ocean cruiser, drop them, and you’ll need a whole new kind of adventure to retrieve them. If you loose them in your swimming pool, you probably should have cleaned it just a little…

But, wait, the Gatorz Magnums Aren’t Aviator Style!

True, and if you find that you don’t want to go out looking as tacticool as Chris Pratt in the Terminal List, Gatorz has some other sizzling options that would have fit nicely into the new Top Gun: Maverick movie. Their Skyhook sunglasses look like some sweet aviators. They sent me some Starks, pictured here. They are just as well made, and look like aviators on adrenaline.

Gatorz sunglasses review

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