Gearhead Works Pistol Brace Review

Talk about timing! Remember the ATF Pistol Brace scare of 2020? Well, around that same time Gearhead Works sent me their new super-secret 1913 mount adapted Tailhook brace. We’re the first to showcase this brace, so it’s no longer super secret. If you’ve thought about owning a pistol with a Picatinny rail on the butt end, this is the brake for you.

Tailhook vs. SB Whatever

When SB introduced their pistol brace I was all about it. But when Gearhead Works introduced the Tailhook Mod 1 pistol brace, I jumped on that bandwagon and have never looked back. Why?

It’s a better mousetrap. To recap, the Tailhook brace is simpler than its competitors. It is stronger than its competitors. Moreover, when used as designed as an arm brace, it is 1000 times easier to use and quite functional. “Who cares?” you ask?

Picatinny Pistol Brace Gearhead Works Review


Read my take on the 2020 ATF pistol brace scare and you’ll understand why you care. The short answer, the Tailhook, in my opinion, would be less likely to be problematic with the ATF than its major competitor’s.

Here’s a video I did on the original Mod 1 Tailhook brace:



As you can see, it’s just that simple. I’ve used Tailhook braces on a number of platforms, including an ACR pistol. Not once have I wished for a different brace.

Tailhook Pic Rail Brace

The new Picatinny rail Tailhook brace is essentially a Mod 1C (compact) Tailhook mounted on what Gearhead Works calls their 1913 arm. So the Tailhook pistol brace isn’t anything new is covered by Gearhead Work’s ATF approval letter. That’s no small thing.

It’s the arm the brace that the Tailhook is mounted to that makes this version unique. The pic rail attachment point is simple and includes a locking hinge, allowing the brace arm to fold against.

That interface allows the folding brace to attach to pistols like the Black Collar Arms Pork Sword, SIG’s Rattler, Rock River Arms LAR-PDS, and others. In this case, I was pumped to add the Tailhook to our new Diamondback DBX pistol, one of the coolest, “outside the box” guns introduced in 2020.

Gearhead Works 1913 brace

The pic rail, (or “1913 rail,” or “M1913”) brace assembly adds eight beautiful and useful inches to your pistol.

While I don’t think I’ve ever come up with a single negative on the Tailhooks in the past, I might have one here. When mounted to the Diamondback DBX pistol and folded, the Tailhook contacts the pistol’s bolt catch/release. The finish on that small lever is giving way to the still intact anodizing on the brace. That’s a poor reflection on the gun more than the brace, for sure. I’m keeping both.

For pricing and availability of the Gearhead Works 1913 Picatinny Rail Tailhook pistol brace, check out


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