Biden Gun Ban

Honestly, I used to be a political junkie. For me, debates between Hannity and Combs were pure entertainment. Primary contests, local stuff, you name it, I enjoyed it. Today, while I don’t have time or interest in showmanship side of politics, I personally act on every single email call to action I get from Gun Owners of America, the NRA, NRA-ILA, Firearms Policy Coalition and others. But as Publisher of SHWAT™, I’ve kept all that off our pages, short of some Pistol Brace controversies which we’ve covered closely. But I give up, we simply must cover it for your benefit, ours, and every other American supposedly protected by the second amendment.

What now looms, however, will likely impact every single reader of SHWAT, everyone who views our YouTube videos, etc. How? Read on, friends.

In addition to my own thoughts, I’ve gone through publicly available social posts from gun though leaders to shed some light on where things stand as of today.

David Chipman, ATF Nominee

The BATFE, aka, “ATF” rules and regs now control much of what you can own and what you can do with it. Biden has nominated David Chipman to head that agency. That is a very bad indicator for gun owners in the USA. That position will not only facilitate the short term dictates we’ll address later, but will have impacts a long long way down the calendar.

Morgan Atwood, mutual acquaintance among numerous gun thought leaders, though I don’t know him myself and have no idea if the pic is accurate; the comments, however, are on point:

This is Biden’s BATF nominee seen circa April 20, 1993.

David Chipman
“The only question, the one that’s gotten more and more important to me as I’ve gotten older and realized my existence, and that of those I love, are at the least unimportant to anyone else:
What do you want to do to me, that you can’t if I’m armed? (or, What do you want to do to me, that you can’t if we have parity of arms? in the case of the state).
“Here’s the answer, or at least one of them.
“This man doesn’t hate guns or violence. Look at the picture. This is a man who loves guns, and idolizes the power of wholesale violence. No one takes glory shots like that, in the ashes of women and children, who isn’t reveling in the sense of power the capacity for violence gives them.
“This man loves arms, not for what they protect but for what he can destroy with them. What he wants to destroy is his opponents. His opponents are us. “ — Morgan Atwood
His DNC handlers expect a surrender. Australia redux.

The Big Picture

Fred Mastison, SHWAT™ Pro Staff, National magazine contributor, Author, Professional firearms & combatives Instructor, Executive protection trainer:
I just listed to Joe Biden’s speech on his new gun control push. First and foremost these are all, without question, violations of the 2nd amendment. I believe people have been conditioned to believe that the 2nd amendment is something the government uses in order give us certain firearms related rights. It is in fact the exact opposite and is designed to control government. The constitution and following amendments are written for the people. It is a protection from the overreach by government. It is We The People. Nothing he rambled on about today will have any effect on crime. The pistol brace action, in my opinion, is the final closing of a trap that was clearly laid out by the ATF. Once again, there is ZERO data that proves any of the claims that this will “Save Lives”. In a big picture, this is another attempt to steal more of our rights. American gun owners tend to be more free thinking, independent and conservative. By stripping that the left moves closer to a disarmed and compliant society. To some, the idea that the government wants us disarmed in order to protect themselves when they begin making larger moves towards socialism sounds crazy. It is the bitter truth however. The line is drawn here. Not one compromise. Not one “but”. No more.

Making Your Pistol Brace Subject to NFA SBR Registration and Restrictions

We covered this not long ago in Ready to become a Felon? That was published just before Biden took over the White House. Now, from the White House Biden tells us that Pistol Braces make pistols more lethal. Really? What actually makes one firearm more lethal than another? Caliber? Projectile? Velocity?

Alan Normandy, Firearms Policy Coalition and Battle Comp Enterprises:

There is no negotiating with liars or irrational people.
They are always creating the problem just to sell us the solution.
We are expected to surrender. They will burn a few of us out of our homes as object lessons. It will not be wide scale subjugation. It will not be necessary.
They know most will comply no matter how obvious the lie. Too many of us will make excuses for why slavery will be okay this time.
The spineless already buckled. It’s all they can do. Stripped of all peaceful options, they will consent to becoming slaves.
“Peace at all costs” they will say to convince us all. They will claim this slavery is “evolution.”

Unjust laws deserve to be broken… If you don’t have the stones, step aside. It won’t be the first time someone fought in your place…

what is the 2nd ammendment

In reality, pistol braces actually make the attached pistols safer in a sense. The now longer firearm is easier to control, thus decreasing the likelihood of rounds landing somewhere they shouldn’t.

Semi-Auto Ban (aka, “Assault Rifle Ban”, “AR Ban,” etc.)

Clinton banned ARs and that saved lives, Biden claims. But is that true? While guns don’t have feelings or generally care if you’re left or right, left leaning media are typically supportive of any and all erosion of the second amendment. So when we observe ProPublica report that a study of the 1994 Clinton ban finds “no evidence that it had reduced overall gun crime or made shootings less lethal” we, and Team Biden, should take note.

Moreover, Biden launched a new line of historical fiction with the following: “From the beginning [of the country], you couldn’t own any weapon you wanted to own.” Really?

David Harsanyi, Second Amendment expert/author and National Review senior writer:

I can’t even begin to imagine what rickety basis there is for making such a claim. I mean, I wrote a book on the history of American guns, and never once did I run across any law that restricted Americans from owning any weapons they desired (unless we’re talking about blacks or Indians; because most gun restrictions in U.S. history have been employed to unarm the people who need weapons most). The idea of the federal government conducting any kind domestic “gun policy” whatsoever would have been a completely alien concept to anyone before the 1930s. Even then, no specific types of guns were banned from use. It wasn’t really until 1986 that that fully automatic guns were effectively banned by the federal government.

Goodbye DIY Gun Projects

“Ghost guns” are magical, more dangerous than others and reside primarily in the powerful presence of nefarious actors. Or, so it would seem, listening to Team Biden. The answer of course it so limit DIY gun builds to the point they become impractical, if not impossible, to build. Serialization of every single part will create quite the gun registry, a long time goal of those who’d like to burn the second amendment.

Rob Pincus, firearms trainer and sometimes irritant withing the training community:

Gun Making is a freedom hobby that the gun community needs to get ready to defend at every level.
Whether making a gun from raw materials in a traditional way, building one from a kit or using 3D Printed pieces, building your own gun is an educational and fun way to exercise your rights.
Don’t let this proposed infringement activity stop you from getting involved in the hobby, encouraging others to do or from showing off your builds.
Don’t let the anti-gunners get away with demonizing gun making.
There is not a practical way to “regulate” gun making without outlawing it altogether. Trying to redefine what constitutes a “gun kit” or a “gun part” would never end… until everything is regulated: pipe, plastic pellets. 3D Printing Filament, aluminum and steel.

Killing the Second Amendment

I believe it was Chuck Colson who said, “Ideas have consequences, and bad ideas have victims.” While the second amendment has been under attack in various forms for a long time, it looks to me like this is the most substantial attack ever. And it looks like it will be the most effective attack yet. Who will be the victims?

Maybe you, maybe me.

Not one of the Biden proposals have the ability to meaningfully decrease crime of the violent kind. In fact, these proposals will likely turn many of our readers, law abiding Americans, into criminals overnight. So what do we do now? Pick your favorite pro gun organization and send money and time.


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