Tyrell Gray Hunting GuideGrowing up in rural Pennsylvania my idea of hunting was to park my truck by a friend’s property and go for a walk with my rifle.  I would typically carry a small day pack with a couple essentials, like water, a powerbar, and maybe a couple extra rounds.  Since I moved to Utah in the middle of the Rocky Mountains, that game has changed.  Rugged terrain, rapid shifts in weather, and the sheer size of the landscape means that in order to have a successful hunt we need to plan and pack for multi-day adventures in the wilderness. I know of no one more qualified to address this approach than Tyrell Gray.

I could have interviewed Tyrell’s wife Jessica. She’s endured death threats, results of posting pictures from a successful moose hunt. Links to follow up on that are at the end of this story. I bring this up to show you that the Grays are the real deal.

Over the past twenty years, Tyrell has worked as a professional hunting guide in the wilderness haunts of Alaska, Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming.  In this interview I got to pick his brain about the realities of hunting big game in some of the most unforgiving terrain in the world.   We talk about equipment failures, caliber selection, weight management, and what is most likely to kill you if you aren’t careful.  If you’re a hunter or have plans to spend time in the back country, this is a must watch video interview. In 20 minutes you gain valuable insights that will at a minimum entertain you and give some peace of mind. It might even change your life forever. – Mike Semanoff, Shooter Opinions

Video 1 of 7: What Equipment Most Often Fails On Backcountry Hunts |  (3:14)

Video 2 of 7: Why Do Hunters Lose Game After The Shot |  (2:38)

Video 3 of 7: The Perfect Caliber For All Hunting Scenarios |  (2:44)

Video 4 of 7: Weight Management Of Your Hunting Kit. |  (3:07)

Video 5 of 7: Holy S**t Moments Of A Professional Hunting Guide |  (2:48)

Video 6 of 7: What’s Most Likely To Kill You On A Backcountry |  (3:01)

Video 7 of 7: Personal Gear Selection Of A Hunting Guide | 5:23

Links to news about the death threats following Jessica Gray’s successful moose hunt pictures:


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