Silynx Clarus Pro Review

I like gear that is versatile and capable in more than one environment. I think most of us do. And as someone whose ears have rung without relief for years I take hearing protection very seriously. When I first reviewed the Silynx Clarus Pro I was very pleased with it for hunting and range time, pretty standard venues for me.

But sometimes its fun to go outside the box on gear reviews. Since I do reviews all the time, I thought I’d do something a bit different: I’d take Silynx Clarus Pros to some top Sporting Clay shooters and see what they thought. It might just be the first time a military style ear pro has shown up in that kind of venue.

Maybe we should call this a Micro Documentary project. For this experiment, I recruited three national competitors, Steve Ellinger and the husband/wife team of Clayton and Liz Nance. None of them had ever used this style of hearing protection, but all had tried a broad variety of other styles. None of them are product reviewers.

The trio practice together routinely, so they shot as usual, but wearing the Clarus Pro ear protection instead of their customary variety. After filming their practice session, we filmed their responses. It was a ton of fun to see them ask each other questions about their experiences.

Each of our three testers really liked using the Silynx Clarus Pro for hearing protection. Comfort and communication were two consistent themes. We even filmed a phone call placed through the Clarus Pro by Clayton Nance while Ellinger was shooting just a few feet away.

You’ll want to watch this video to really understand the value and versatility of the Clarus Pro. I’ve already written my take on these for hunting. Combined, I think we’ve discovered something truly versatile. You can find them online for $250. You can use them everywhere. I’ve even worn them on planes.

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