Just about every hunter I know regularly concealed carries a pistol. That makes the rest of the story significant. Stay with me, and think “Small, Medium, Large.”

This press release just hit my inbox: “Remington Model RM380 Micro Pistol Now Shipping.” I’ve been waiting a year for that to happen. I tried to get a prerelease model. “You’ll have to wait for a production model like everyone else.” I get it, and I intend to wring this pistol out hard. You’ll see the video.

Shooting the Remington RM380The fact of the matter is that I did shoot a prototype Remington RM380 pocket pistol a year ago at the prestigious Gunsite Academy. Add it to my list of prototypes I’ve shot that didn’t run perfectly. A year and hundreds of thousands of rounds later, Remington is finally shipping these. 

Here’s why I’m excited about the little RM380 pocket pistol – Small, Medium, Large. Let’s start with large. In a perfect world I’d carry a full sized HK VP9 every day (though I guess in a truly perfect world there would be no need). But I don’t live in a perfect world. That means sometimes a single stack 9mm like the Walther PPS might be ideal. Let’s call that medium. Sometimes, you just need small.

But small is the toughest choice of all. I’ve had two other pocket pistols, one a .380 that was popular but I hated shooting it. The other a Rohrbaugh 9mm. Despite it’s bigger caliber, it was far more pleasant to shoot thanks to remarkable ergonomics. I sold it a few years ago and regretted it shortly thereafter. Then I got my hands on Remington’s prototype RM380. It was immediately obvious to me that I held what amounted to a refined Rohrbaugh R9 frame in my hand! 

RM380 Internals

The internals I’m told are entirely different, but yes, the Rohrbaugh connection was real. Truth be told, my Rohrbaugh had to have the springs replaced every 100 rounds. Oh well, Ferraris require more maintenance, too. But the RM380 spring is good for 2500 rounds. That’s good news as I generally look at maintenance as a necessary evil. 

Remington RM380 Pocket Pistol

Full disclosure: I’ve not yet shot a production Remington RM380, but I did get to the front of the line and expect to run one by Sunday. If I can get the ammo, I’ll grab a few friends and run 500 rounds through it and report back. I already know I love the ergos inherited from the Rohrbaugh. If it runs like I hope it does, then we’ll all know we have a viable winner in the “Small” pocket pistol category. 

***11/1/2015*** We ran a lifetime supply of .380 ACP through a brand new RM380. Here’s the unedited video originally broadcast via the Periscope app:

Here’s the word straight from the horse’s mouth:

Remington Arms Company, LLC (“Remington”) announced today that its Model RM380, an all-metal micro pistol designed for concealed carry, is now shipping and will be available at sporting goods retailers across the country on November 14, 2015.  The RM380 is Remington’s first pistol designed and produced at its new Huntsville, AL facility utilizing newly installed machining centers, quality enhanced assembly lines and world class test ranges.

With a sleek, modern design, this purpose-built pistol boasts all of the latest enhancements to make it a leader in the very competitive concealed carry market. In addition to tough, all-metal construction for ultimate durability and longevity, the RM380 also features the longest barrel in its class to maximize muzzle velocity and bullet expansion while facilitating shooting precision and accuracy.  

This breakthrough pistol delivers unrivaled quality and ingenuity in the micro pistol market. Weighing just 12.2 ounces unloaded and measuring just 5 ¼ inches long, the RM380 is easy for anyone to carry unobtrusively. With its extended beavertail grip, Remington’s new handgun facilitates a smooth draw, even in suboptimal conditions. 

The RM380 also features a light and smooth double-action-only trigger, fully functional low profile slide stop, light slide racking force, and an ambidextrous magazine release. The replaceable grip panels allow for customization while the optimized grip angle allows for greater shootability and comfort. Remington’s history is deep with small firearms for personal protection. The RM380 returns the brand to its rightful place amongst the best in market.

Model RM380 Key Features and Benefits:

• Fully Functional Slide Stop – holds open on last round
• All-Metal Construction – for durability and longevity (7075 Aluminum Frame) 
• Precise Barrel to Slide Lock-Up – for accuracy and precision  
• Fully Ambidextrous, Low Profile Magazine Release
• Checkered Front Strap and Trigger Guard Undercut – allows for improved control and higher hand hold
• Optimized Grip Angle – for comfort, recoil management, and increased shootability
• Extended Beavertail – protects hand and promotes correct grip when drawing in suboptimal conditions 
• Wide, Positive Cocking Serrations
• Light Dual Recoil Spring system – for easy slide racking and lifetime use
• Includes two 6 round magazines – one flush fit and one finger extension

Model-Remington RM380 Semi-Auto Micro Pistol
Order #-96454
Caliber-.380 Auto
Mag. Capacity-6+1 (2 included, one flush fit and one finger extension)
BBL Length-2.9 Inches
Barrel Type-410 Stainless Steel
Rifling Twist Rate-1:16
Overall Length-5.27 in
Overall Height-3.86 in
Grip Material-Glass Filled Nylon
Grip Design-Removable, Replaceable Grip Panels
Sights-Rugged Fixed Sights, contoured to be snag free
Trigger Pull-Double Action Only –  Approx. 10 Pounds 
Average Weight -12.2 Ounces (unloaded &without magazine)

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