It’s such a simple part, the FLEx Swivel from Gearhead Works. Every Tavor owner needs one. I’m grateful to have had more time on a IWI Tavor than most people. At the moment, I have two, a 5.56 version and 9mm. I’ve shot Tavors suppressed, full auto, indoors, outdoors and hunting. I’ve upgraded numerous parts and the Gearhead Works FLEx Swivel is one I’m completely sold on. 


FLEx Swivel from Gearhead Works

I’ve walked some miles across West Texas wheat fields, swinging a variety of rifles on my chest. I hate swinging rifles, so I went back to two point slings and generally use Quick Disconnect (QD) mounts front and rear. I want my Tavor slung high where it’s quick to the high ready position and stable, not flopping around. The Gearhead Works FLEx swivel adds a QD sling socket position foreword of the factory buttstock QD position. This makes a big difference in two ways.  

The Gearhead Works FLEx swivel replaces the factory ejection port cover. I chose to mount mine so that the QD socket was in the forward position, 6.5 inches forward and 1.75 inches higher on the Tavor than the rear factory QD socket. If you prefer, you flip that around so the FLEx swivel is at the rear of the ejection port, 3.5 inches forward of the rear factory QD socket.

Gearhead Works FLEx Swivel TavorUsing the FLEx swivel to attach your two point sling forward of the factory socket keeps the Tavor riding high, just where I like it. The fact that FLEx swivel sits almost two inches higher in the gun helps as well. Your new mounting point is almost perfectly in line with the forward QD socket, alleviating any tendency for the rifle to rotate its top away from your body. This isn’t a big deal, but a nice refinement. 

Those two benefits together make deliver a real improvement in carrying a Tavor using a two point sling, easily justifying the $56.99 price. If you run a single point sling, you might just fall in love with the FLEx swivel. 

For those of you running suppressors on your Tavor, you’ll appreciate how the FLEx Swivel virtually eliminates gas escaping from the port. No more teary eyes. 

And now for the Tavor owner trivia question – What does FLEx stand for anyway? Fulcrum Located Extra [Swivel]. Fulcrum is the point at which a lever rests and on which it pivots. Okay, that might be a stretch, but in the naming conventions of the gun world, it works. It gets better, though. Fulcrum is also defined as a thing that plays a central or essential role in a situation. When it comes to slinging a Tavor, I’d say the Gearhead Works FLEx Swivel meets that criteria. Time to order another one! 

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