When you hear the word “Blitz” do you think fast, overwhelming force? In addition to your military history and football knowledge, you’ll want to add the new Falkor Defense Blitz SBR (Short Barreled Rifle). Falkor Defense is a new name from an established brand, S. I. Defense. The Blitz SBR and Blast Cap aren’t just the result of a no-name-back-of-the-garage parts assembly joint. This is a brand new gun from a unique company.

Founded by Vietnam Veteran Richard Sonju, Falkor is the result of growth at S. I. Defense, a company that’s turned out some truly innovative products.

Today Falkor Defense announces the release of the Falkor Blitz. The SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) will be offered in both .223 and .300 Blackout with a 10.5-inch barrel and a new 11.5-inch “Fatty” rail. It fondly reminds of the vaporware LVAW/Honey Badger I’ve had the privilege to run. The rail features an Interior Diameter of 1.65 inches to accommodate most suppressors. It’s also available in lengths up to 18-inches for both AR15 and AR10 platforms. That longer fat rail can big a big deal. Imagine a super heated silencer hanging off the end of your gun, and the gun slung muzzle down. You could burn a hole in your clothes or your leg pretty easily. The long fat rail over the silencer could be the difference between leaving the range or your hunt happy or heated. Pun intended. The AR10 variant is one of the few rails on the market that will accommodate the OSS suppressor under the rail.

The Falkor Blitz SBR features a Geissele S3G trigger, Battle Arms Development short throw selector (which I think ought to be standard on every AR), Hogue grip and Mission First Minimalist Stock (though the gun pictured here has the Troy PDW stock). Capping it all off is the new Falkor “Blast Cap” SBR muzzle break featuring a modular design allowing for various break and diffusing cap combinations. The break was designed for optimized use on SBRs to direct maximum gas and noise forward of the shooter while the breaking capacity is at the tip of the muzzle. The Blast Cap will also be available as an accessory for both 223 and 308 platforms.

Falcor Defense BlitzWhile the purest in me wants to say gun looks don’t matter, that reliable function is all that counts, every other part of my brain is enamored by the looks. And the Blitz SBR looks great! Check out the ambidextrous controls on the lower. Falkor Defense Vice President Clint Walker tells me that unlike a lot of other ambidextrous implementations they are mirrored controls, essentially the same on both sides of the gun. Some may disagree, but I kind of love that slick side upper as well. Of course Falkor guns are American made, but going one step further “Made in Montana” has a very nice ring to it, even if you’re Texan!

Oh, does the Falkor name ring a bell? It’s the name of a dragon from the 1980’s movie The Neverending Story.  He brings good luck to whoever travels with him. Since I tend to hold the view that luck favors the prepared, I imagine it would be a good thing to add the Falkor Blitz SBR to the collection!

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