I had a couple hundred nutty ideas about how to introduce you to Tactical Squirrel. I saved them in a virtual hollowed out tree trunk… Tactical Squirrel scurries around the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoors industry collecting and temporarily caching their finds. They are particularly good at sniffing out products sourced from veteran owned companies. They share their cache of tactical goodies with their subscribers through a monthly box shipment. We got our first shipment and decided to give it away to one of our readers, maybe you!

Tactical Squirrel Subscription Review

Tactical Squirrel Backstory

Daughter of an Air Force veteran turned police officer, Tina Sturlaugson grew up near the Canadian border in the small town on Cut Bank, Montana. Her resume is pretty impressive. She’s worked in business development with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. As the CEO of Tactical Squirrel, she has a driving passion to support Veterans and First Responders. 

The major stakeholders in Tactical Squirrel are board members of the Veteran’s Family of Brands. This is an organization made up of a group of companies who stand firm in dedication and commitment to our American Veterans. Team Never Quit (TNQ) – a brand started by Retired Navy SEAL and Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell – and Axelson Tactical are two of those.

What’s Inside the Tactical Squirrel Monthly Box Shipment?

You never know, it’s like Christmas every month! Well, kind of…  What’s inside the Tactical Squirrel monthly box varies from month to month, but you can usually expect ammunition you can shoot or squirrel away for lean times. Knives, lights, swag of all sorts and other things are also in the mix, depending on the month. 

Our Premium box this month came with the following:

20 rounds of Team Never Quite (TNQ) 9mm HP ammo 
50 rounds of Team Never Quite (TNQ) 9mm Lead Free Frangible Training ammo
Axelson Tactical Fight Towel
2 Tubes of SEAL 1 Lube
Team Never Quit window Sticker
Axelson Tactical T-Shirt
Team Never Quit hat autographed by Marcus Luttrell (yeah, Lone Survivor!).


Macus Lutrell Autograph


Two levels of subscription options exist, Basic ($44.99 + $6.95 shipping) and Premium ($99.99 and free shipping). Tactical Squirrel tells me that the Premium box we got has an actual value of $160.94, not to mention the free shipping. 

Paying it Forward

Tactical Squirrel is kicking off with a rifle giveaway. Be in the first 1000 subscribers and you have a chance to win a custom Axelson Tactical rifle. Pretty good odds, I’d say. Here at SHWAT.com, we like the idea of supporting veterans in this model but we don’t have a rifle to give away. So we’re going to give away our first box (described above) to one of our free Newsletter subscribers. Yes, we opened up the sealed plastic bags to get pics when required, but I promise, I never mowed the yard in the shirt! 

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