Enough subtleties and hints like the tactical bear hunt story published just ahead of this! Tactical hunting isn’t just about chasing wild hogs, it’s wherever you and I take our military inspired gear, tech, gadgets or methods to the hunt. SHWAT™ is now Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™ and we couldn’t be more excited. As a matter of fact, we’re so excited we’ve launched our new Tactical Hunting forum. Remington, Trijicon, Dead Air Silencers, EOTech, King’s Arsenal, CrossBreed Holsters, Elite Survival Systems, Barnes Bullets, Alamo Four Star and others are helping kick off a great start with a pile of gear to give away.

The forum is a one-of-a-kind tactical hunting forum, a place for a new breed of hunters to connect with each other. Having anticipating the ground swell of tactical gear and methods used across the hunting spectrum today, we believe we’ve timed this expansion perfectly. It’s bigger broader view of hunting and we want everyone to be a part of it.

Gear, Game, Long Range Hunting, Skills, Member Showcase, Marketplace and Regional forums make up the primary categories. Each of these primary categories have extensive subcategories ensuring users can easily find and contribute desired content.

Winners will be drawn from a combined list of forum members and newsletter subscribers at the following membership marks:

At 100 members: CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck Holster!

At 200 members: Elite Survival Systems PULSE 24-Hour Backpack!

At 300 members: Timney Triggers trigger of your choice!

At 400 members: King’s Arsenal Kryptek Tactical Seat Covers!

At 500 members: Barnes Bullets Precision Match ammo!

At 600 members: EOTech XPS Holographic Weapon Sight! (specific model to be determined)

At 800 members: Dead Air .30 Caliber Sandman Suppressor!

At 1000 members: Remington R15 Rifle Kit, featuring Trijicon Accupower Scope, Alamo Four Star Scope Mount, and Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector!

Join and post to win! Rules and Regs are here. Best of luck and welcome aboard!

Remington R15

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