It’s hard to shoot with no eyes, so when given the chance to try out the Airblast – ImpactX from Rudy Project, I was immediately interested. For shooters and hunters of all stripes, eye protection is serious business. Shooting glasses are required in countless arenas for good reason. 

Whether you are in a tactical shooting class, hunting, or simply plinking at a make shift range, you need eye protection and you need it to enhance your shooting, not interfere with it.  This is where the Rudy Project Airblast – ImpactX shooting glasses shine.

Rudy Project Airblast ImpactXDuring a recent course with my friends from SHWAT™, they passed on a pair of the new Rudy Project glasses that were touted as the best in the business.  I have known about Rudy Project for some time and knew they had a good reputation in the industry. Not until I cracked open the box from SHWAT™ did I really get a chance to run their product though. 

The pair in hand was the new Airblast – ImpactX.  At first glance I could tell that quality mattered with Rudy Project.  The glasses were well made, lightweight and fitted by professionals.  Things only got better when I put them on.  The clarity of the lenses is unrivaled in the shooting glasses industry.  The lenses were the “Racing Red” tint and cut glare down dramatically.  The design is a wrap around with a large lens surface area.  Additionally, the glasses have been manufactured with a rimless design to provide a maximum field of view.  Peripheral vision as well as down range sight was solid.  Many shooting glasses I have come across in the past have had issues when the use of optics were involved.   Rudy Project has overcome this obstacle and has created a pair of glasses that can be used in any shooting discipline.  

Rudy Project Fred MastisonAnyone who wears shooting glasses knows that comfort is an issue after time.  Rudy Project has factored this in as well.  The temples are very thin and flattened to make long term use under hearing protection comfortable.  The temples are also ventilated to help avoid fogging.  The nose pad is adjustable and made of non-slip rubber which helps keep them in place even during movement and sweat.  They have even created a Vented Brow Bar™ that distances the lens from the forehead and prevents drops of perspiration from disturbing vision. 

Rudy project shooting glassesUltimately though, we do not wear eye pro on the range as a fashion statement.  Eye protection in the firearms industry is serious business and mistakes can cost you your vision.  This is where I believe Rudy Project shines.  The lenses in the glasses are listed as unbreakable.  While the laws of physics apply, I am confident that the lenses are capable of protecting my eyes from any debris and byproduct of firearms training.  The lenses can be changed out for different colors or even photochromatic versions.  

Over the years, I have had dozens of shooting glasses come across my desk.  Some good, some bad, but each with at least one small flaw that I had to tolerate.  Those days are over now as I believe I have found the best pair of shooting glasses available.  Rudy Projects reputation for quality and ingenious design has been set in stone in my mind.  For professionals in the industry, Rudy Project should be considered the gold standard of protective eyewear.  When the pressure of a class, a full speed tactical hog hunt, or blasting elk from 1,000 yards is on, you can count on Rudy Project to come through with the Airblast – ImpactX glasses.

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About the Author

SHWAT™ Pro Staff Member Fred Mastison is the owner and senior instructor of Force Options Tactical Training Solutions.  Mr. Mastison has been actively training law enforcement, military and civilians for more than 25 years.  He holds over 16 different P.O.S.T course certifications around the country and is a regular instructor in Europe. He is a reserve police officer as well as a certifying Instructor in handgun, patrol rifle, shotgun and sub machine gun.  He can be contacted at

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