Spikebox Ranch Hog Hunting

There are numerous ways to hunt wild hogs, and here at the Spike Box you’re welcome to sit in a blind and wait to see what happens. What’s about to happen now is the polar opposite. It’s dawn in West Texas and my hunt partner and I are on hog patrol. Spike Box is a 94,000 acre working cattle ranch where wild hogs compete with the cows for wheat. In my numerous trips here,

I don’t recall ever seeing so many cows. They don’t seem bothered by the hogs or us, but the quiet of the morning is about to be briefly shattered. In one of the few places where the wheat remains tall and lush, we’ve spotted hogs from the truck and we’re rolling on them, guns shouldered, pointing out the windows. Our guide calls this “Rodeo” and it’s about to wind up!

My hunting partner is Ed Ryan of Remington Defense, whose prior career was as a Marine Corps sniper instructor. Remington is taking much of its military weaponry to the commercial market and Ryan brought the toys. I’m about to pull the trigger and send some supersonic Remington Premier Match 300 Blackout OTM into some pigs. Five pigs if you’re counting.

Remington 300 Blackout R4The AAC upper on this rig will play a big role with me over the next several days. In addition to the EoTech 300 Blackout holographic weapon site with its dual super/sub sonic reticle, I’ll add a DBAL-D2 from TNVC for night hunting. We roll fast into the field, our guide Tyler Pounds at the wheel. He knows what he’s doing. He first worked as a cowboy on the ranch, covering countless square miles on horseback. It seems he knows every rise and fall of this pasture as he guns the truck towards the hogs.

Instantly, the hogs know the game is on, breakfast is done and they take off running. Tyler gets us parallel to the running group, and I can imagine jumping out of the truck and wrestling one to the ground like a steer wrestler. Note I said “imagine,” and that only for a split second as I attempt to get a sight picture. The truck jolts and lurches at speed making aiming consistently pretty tricky. I don’t know how fast we’re moving, probably slower than it feels. Tyler veers right and left, left and right as the hogs try to make it to cover.

We’re clear of cows now, barreling along with the pigs. They appear and disappear in the wheat that is almost as tall as the biggest hogs in the group. Time for the hog patrol to do its job, so I pull the trigger. Again and again I pull the trigger, connecting, missing, connecting again. It’s happening so fast that I can’t remember how many rounds I shot or what my hit ratio was like. I used less than a magazine is all I can say for sure. The parallels to helicopter hunting are pretty legit!

That and we shot four nice wild boar, all approaching 200 pounds. We took out an eighty pounder as well with Ryan scoring on an additional wee little pig. As I recall, it was five hogs for Jonathan, two for Ryan with both getting credit on one of those pigs. Don’t let the story fool you. The truth is, Ryan is the better shot and demonstrated that during the rest of the trip, not mention hitting that really small running target from a bouncing truck. Hat tip to the Marine.

When it comes to 300 Blackout, I’ve been a bit skeptical, mostly because we all want the subsonic variety to kill like supersonic. A number of makers are working on such things, but I’ve yet to be impressed. However, I definitely like the supersonic variety from Remington. The Remington Premier Match 300 Blackout OTM  uses a Sierra Match King bullet, and it certainly did its job on those boars. Every hog hit with it went down. The first one I shot dropped right in its tracks. None made it far from where they were shot.

Tactical Hog Hunting The AAC upper ran as expected. We moved the upper around on some R4 lowers and a personal gun, illustrating why we all love the AR platform so much: mix and match and get to work. Or play, if you prefer.

There’s a lot more to be said about what Remington is doing with it’s defense line, and what’s available to those of us who can’t buy on government contracts. Lots of us have wanted to get our hands on these and in many cases you can now. But we’ll save that for another day. In the meantime, consider me sold on Remington 300 Blackout supersonic ammo and hog hunting rodeos at Spike Box Ranch. You ought to give those a shot yourself!

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