Shooting is an amazing thing. Guns are obviously useful as defensive tools, grocery getters and land maintenance implements. But most of the time, guns are simply just fun to shoot! And we invent ways to make them more fun and interesting all the time. For that reason, when I saw this video of the “Rocket Pod Shotgun Slug” by YouTube user Taofledermau I had to share it.

From my “fail” title here you might guess at the results, but I’ll give kudos to people trying to give us something else fun to play with. It seems the goal of the Rocket Pod slug was to create a projectile that would whistle in flight. Looking at it, I’m reminded of something from a Hollywood flick, or perhaps something used with hydraulics. There’s a clear enough connection to Russian helicopter rocket pods. If the slug spun well on a table, there would be a whole world of high end spinning tops aficionados who’d love it. Having watched the video, I have my doubts.

There’s some great slow motion video here. I found it entertaining and interesting. I hope you do, too!

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