jeep giveawayConsider this a PSA post SHWAT™ Team (it’s not our giveaway):

What does a well known off road aftermarket company have to do with SHWAT™ and you? On the one hand maybe nothing. On the other hand, they are giving away a couple of ridiculous custom Jeep Wranglers that might turn in to the Ultimate Hunting Vehicle for you or me!

Hunting JeepWe’re not getting paid to run this, I’m a Jeep driving enthusiast myself and I’ve been on the Extreme Terrain email newsletter forever it seems like. (Are you on our newsletter list? You should be!). I’ve argued the merits of Jeeps for hunting and adventure for quite a while and my Wranglers have even showed up here on SHWAT™ from time to time.

But again, who cares, right? They are giving away 2 of the new 2018 JL Wranglers to a single winner, hopefully someone in the SHWAT™ world – you or me! If it’s you, let them know you heard about it here, please and thanks!

Full disclosure here, I almost never enter give away contests, which may have something to do with why I’ve never won anything. But Extreme Terrain already has my info, so giving up my name, email, address and kind of Jeep I’m driving is like handing my wife my debit card – she already has everything in there! Now you don’t need to own a Jeep already to enter, but for those of us that do it clearly gives Extreme Terrain the ability to market to us pretty specifically. Fair enough. Beats the useless SPAM mail I get for sure. I might need a new front drive shaft soon, but I digress.

Maybe we can partner with Extreme Terrain a series on building the ultimate hunting/adventure rig. Shameless plug, I know… Either way, you’ll see more of my Jeep in stories to come!

So if you made it this far, it’s probably taken you longer to read this Jeep Evangelism post than it takes to enter the Jeep giveaway. I’ve borrowed a pic from their website and their YouTube video below to give you an idea of what is up for grabs.

Wow. I feel like I just wrote a stream of consciousness post. Thanks for reading, thanks for hanging out here at At the bottom of the page you’ll find links to some better thought out and researched stories.

Enter the Extreme Terrain giveaway here >>>

Extreme Terrain Jeep Wrangler Giveaway

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