Liberty Suppressors Goliath 458 SOCOM Silencer

The Liberty Suppressors Goliath is a big .458 SOCOM silencer, and here’s why I’m super excited to have just received one. In 2015 we built an over the top .458 SOCOM AR-15 that we really wanted to suppress. But .458 SOCOM silencers just aren’t as commonplace as .30 caliber cans. Mike Pappas at Dead Air Silencers suggested I give Dave Saylors at Liberty Suppressors a call and see what we could come up with. I was acquainted with Dave already, having used his Mystic X can.

Dave and I talked about a variety of solutions, including a hypothetical integrally suppressed Leonidas design rifle. But the timing wasn’t right. We wrapped up our .458 SOCOM build and it was indeed over the top, even without a silencer. I heard from Liberty recently and they said they had something special to send over. Wouldn’t you know it, Mike Pappas and I now both have Goliath .458 SOCOM suppressors!

I haven’t pulled the trigger with the can mounted yet. I’m building a new upper with a Wilson Combat barrel, bolt and adjustable gas block. We’ll document what we do and how the can and build perform. One thing we know already, .458 SOCOM is one ridiculously amazing hunting round! Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

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