Trjicon 1-8 reviewTrijicon has long been one of my most trusted sighting tools so I was eager to test their Accupower 1-8x and got one of the first available.  My appreciation for Trijicon optics started years ago, running the venerable ACOG magnified optics and their reflex sight. My first deployment rifle used a 3 power ACOG, mostly because it never failed and withstood tons of abuse.  Sitting on top of what would eventually be known as a DMR it served me well.  Early experimentation with Red Dot sights led me to the Trijicon 1-24 RX01 Reflex, the only such device that didn’t fail under extensive abusive SWAT training.  It survived two weeks of intense training at Thunder Ranch Texas on my Colt M16, SWAT training on several rifles, along with several schools and deployments.  Every other device of the day (late 1990’s / 2000) failed,  instilling my complete confidence in the Trijicon product.  That’s still the case. Many of the firearms in my inventory I count on for hard use or deployment are paired with a Trijicon product.

Variable Power

Over time, the fixed three or four power optic has been supplanted with variable power optics.  Early variables were unreliable but nothing could be further from the truth today.  Combat, patrol, SWAT, competition, sport, hunting, most every endeavor today benefits from variable power scopes.  Low power in the 1-4x, or 1-6x range are compact, clear, and reliable, many weighing less than early Red Dots.  Illuminated dots at one power are the norm with useful reticles for higher power.  Versatile, you can effectively engage everything from game to steel targets.  Self-defense rifles can be used from across the room to any practical distance.  Many hunters of hogs, deer and other game typically see their targets at under 100 yards making these optics perfect. In my opinion, other than dedicated use under 300 yards where target identification is less critical, the variable optic is the future. The only rifles using an RDS will be CQB rifles, mostly used from across the room.

Until recently, the 1-6x was the most powerful of the low power scopes. As they get smaller, lighter, and easier to mount with improved clarity, the 1-8 power is becoming  popular.  Even with my 58-year-old peepers the 8x scope gets me to 600 meters, about as far as a low power scope would be used.  Many companies are coming through, and Trijicon has brought us an excellent scope in this power range.

Trijicon Accupower

Trijicon has long been known as the optics supplier to our troops, but sometimes their other product lines get overlooked.  Their Accupower scopes are designed to be versatile optics.  Priced in the mid-range of high quality scopes, they are available to most of us. Each Accupower scope includes battery powered illuminated reticles with easy to operate brightness adjustments that have “off” settings in between each level.  Hard anodized aluminum bodies keep them rugged and waterproof to 10 feet.  Lenses are incredibly crisp and clear.

Trijicon Accupower 1-8x24 testAdjustments are easy to set and adjust with no need for special tools.  Reticles are in either the first or second focal plane depending on model.  Their latest, the 1-8x28mm has two reticle choices, both in the first focal plane.  Both are segmented circle reticles made popular in Trijicon’s VCOG, one is graduated in Mils, the other in MOA.  My test scope is the RS27-C-1900028 using a MIL reticle and LED illumination.

This power and size scope is growing on me.  The Accupower 1-8x works with any caliber, but fits very nicely on .308 rifles, especially semi-autos designed for hunting hogs or similar critters.  This scope has seen time on .308 rifles ranging from my 12.5” Primary Weapons to the IWI Galil ACE.  It has seen a couple 3-gun matches on a .223 rifle, as well as spending time on my Tavor-X95.

Built using a 34mm diameter tube, it fits and has plenty of adjustment.  With 29.6 Mils of total travel at .1 mils per click, this scope has enough adjustment to reach out beyond most practical ranges.  MOA scopes provide 100 MOA of total travel at .25 MOA per click. Knobs can be returned to zero without the use of any tools, are easy to access and flat with tactile clicks.

The segmented reticle allows for holds (wind and elevation) that are accurate at any range.  On 1 power it is a cross hair situated inside a segmented circle. Illuminated in either red or green, the highest of 11 settings is visible in direct sunlight and can be used with night vision on the lowest settings.  Battery life using the CR2032 is 31 hours on maximum. On higher power you get a separated cross hair in the middle that illuminates. Stadia lines extend to 10 mils in all directions with graduations as small as .2 Mils.

Measuring just under 11 inches (10.8), it fits nicely on most carbines.  It’s 28mm objective gathers plenty of light without adding bulk.  Generous eye relief (4 inches) makes it easy to use across a broad range of positions.  Flat knobs keep it trim, and it can be mounted using any 34mm ring combination.  It is one of the most versatile scopes I’ve used of late and can be mounted and used for just about anything an 8-power scope is designed for.

Trijicon 1-8

Test Rifles

While this scope has seen use on several rifles, the primary test beds have been my Galil ACE in 308, Primary Weapons MK212 (12.75” 308), and Primary Weapons / Bootleg 16” .223 Wylde Carbine.  Both the Galil and the PWS SBR were set up as hog hunters.  No hogs taken yet, but when put together that was the intent. Unfortunately, life keeps getting in the way of a good trip.  Still, that crosses over to all kinds of uses, but short range critter eradication is one of this scopes truly strong points.  My 16” Bootleg carbine started out as a multipurpose carbine and test bed but has ended up as my .223 competition rifle. Quite a bit of testing was completed using this rifle and scope for shooting around vehicles, barricades, obstacles, and in various positions. The 1-8x Accupower has also seen quite a bit of action on my partner’s 3-gun rifle during competition, and either of two 300 BLK bunny busters.  One is a Remington 700 bolt rifle, the other a 13” Primary Weapons, both loaded with some variant of a 125 grain TMK.

Hog Eradicators!

One of my favorite 308 rifles is the PWS MK212 12.75” 308. Using their long stroke piston system it shoots very softly, is incredibly accurate, and very handy.  During training with Buck Doyle at Follow Through Consulting, this rifle produced consistent 1 MOA or tighter 10 round groups at 600 meters. It’s not for everyone, not something you see a ton of these days but I really like it. It will run suppressed, but not well, dumping a ton of gas in your face. Standard flash hiders are kind of punishing, and muzzle brakes are flat out abusive.  Attaching NG2’s MZLMAX during product testing changed that.  Of all the weapons tested using this device, the MK212 saw the greatest benefit.  It’s still loud but there is zero muzzle blast in your face.  Use good ammunition and the flash suppression is excellent.  It turned the MK212 from a safe queen too punishing to shoot to my favorite .308.  Attaching the Accupower made it more versatile.

Using proven holds, it was as easy to engage at 500 yards as all but my precision rifles.  Turn down the Trijicon 1-8x magnification and it is well suited to self or home defense. Engaging movers at 100 yards and closer is just a flat out joy.  It really wakes this gun up.  Over the course of several hundred rounds with mostly 168 and 175 grain loads, the Trijicon held up just fine.  No shift in zero, nothing came loose, and it held elevation out to 600 meters.  It may be the perfect hog hammer in .308.

review Trijicon 1-8 scopeMoving to the Galil, we get greater range with its 16.5 inch barrel.  Based on the AK47 gas system, the rifle is dead nuts reliable.  It can also be hard on optics.  Mounted in a Leupold Mark 8 mount the Trijicon 1-8 just fit over the rear sight but still allowed for proper eye relief.  IWI USA’s Galil is very accurate given the gas system, at or under an inch at 100 yards on a good day. But, it really shines using steel cased 308 so it was given a huge load of Hornady Steel Match, running rapid fire groups at close range, multiple targets at 100, 200, and 300 yards.

Using the 1-8 Accupower allowed me to hammer steel at 100 yards about as fast as the trigger could be pressed.  Used during some product testing the Trijicon was all but abused going through several hundred rounds of steel cased ammunition along with a number of different loads.  The Accupower’s extended eye relieve was a huge benefit on rapid fire strings.  At the same time, when cranked up it allowed for consistent hits on the 600 meter steel using match ammunition.  Given the opportunity to whack some hogs out of a helicopter this rifle will be my first choice.  It runs anything, and ejects brass forward.  It’s light, powerful, and mated to the Accupower, fast on moving targets.

Trijicon 1-8 reviewComps and Critters

With many 3-gun competitions reaching out to 500 yards, the 1-6 is just a tad underwhelming these days for my eyes.  During my testing with the Bootleg 16 inch, .223 the 1-8 Trijicon was not too heavy, mounts nicely, and does not slow you down between targets.  Maybe the best feature is the ability to adjust the circle to the outside edges of your targets, up close and at distance.  Mounted in the first focal plane, the reticle changes in appearance with power adjustment.  Set it up right and you just hold the target in the center out to 100 or so yards and press. It is very fast.  Simply adjust your hold and 300, even 500 yards, using the mil lines makes for fast engagement.

If precision is necessary, crank it up and use the cross hairs in the center of the reticle.  Currently sitting on my partner’s custom built competition rifle using Mega Arms receivers and a Proof Research barrel, he has used the Accupower to great effect.  Clear glass makes it easy to find targets, adjustment is fast, and it is great at close range.  He has used it extensively with that rifle and on two 300 Blackout rifles chasing Jack Rabbits in the Utah desert. Small moving objects or critters are a breeze with the Trijicon 1-8x Accupower.

Final Thoughts

Price point for the 1-8x is right there with similar high end optics in this power range.  Retail is $1699.99; going rate seems to be in the $1500.00 range.  Glass is crystal clear and Trijicon has a stellar warranty and customer support.

There are lighter 1-8x power scopes out there, just not generally for a scope with Trijicon’s reputation.  Is it tank proof like the VCOG? Not really, but it’s a grand less, easier to mount on more rifles, and you get increased power making the First Focal Plane reticle far more practical.   Compared to the 6 power fixed ACOGS, you are closer to two grand less in price.  Still, it’s as rugged as anything in the same price range, maybe more so.

For some people, the reticle is just not going to do it for them.  Like most things, it really falls into a personal preference, but this is not really best for precision ranging at distance, or even holds at long range.  Holding wind and elevation simultaneously is problematic. You can dial the elevation if needed, it’s just not as fast. Get out to truly long range and it suffers the same limitations as any eight power scope (on longer range stuff my starting point is 8 power).

Adjusting power is pretty easy with the built-in lever.  For most applications it is fine, especially for hunting or practical uses.  For competitors, it may be just a tad small. Most competition levers seem to stick out quite a bit more.  For me the long ones get in the way, but if all you are doing is running between stages going up, then down, the stock lever may be just a bit short.

If used as designed, as a mid-range scope with versatility, it is a solid choice, one of the better options out there.  Its strength lies with moving targets at range along with the ability to work close quarters in a pinch, yet reach out to most any range you would encounter with most rifles.  If that’s what you are looking for then take a close look at the Trijicon Accupower 1-8 x 28mm, it may be your best choice.

Trijicon Accupower 1-8 review

Magnification  1-8x
Objective Size (mm) 28mm
Bullet Drop Compensator No
Weight (oz) 25 / 708g
Illumination Source 1 CR2032 Lithium Battery
Reticle Pattern Segmented Circle Crosshair MIL
Click here for chart.
Day Reticle Color Red
Night Reticle Color Red
Bindon Aiming Concept Yes
Eye Relief (in) 4.0 – 3.9 in (101 – 99mm)
Exit Pupil (mm) 0.46 – 0.14 in. (11.8 – 3.5mm)
Field of View (Degrees) 20° – 2.5°
Field of View @ 100 yards (ft) 109.2 – 13.1 ft. (36.4 – 4.4m @ 100m)
Adjustment @ 100 yards (clicks/in) 0.1 MIL per click
Tube Size 34mm
Housing Material 6061-T6, black hard coat anodized
Battery Life >31 hours at max brightness
Dimensions Click here for chart.
Focal Plane First
Adjustment Range 29.6 MIL Total Travel
Dimensions (LxWxH) 10.8 in (274 mm) x 3.1 in (78.7 mm) x 2.7 in (68.6 mm)
Waterproof 10ft. (3m.)

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