Hog Hunt Night KillRead too many night vision and thermal stories on SHWAT.com, or feel frustrated by the stratospheric pricing of the cool guy gear after watching too many night hog hunts on YouTube? I have some great news for you! You can rent this stuff for a very reasonable price! As improbable as it might seem, gear retailing for $5,000 can be had for a weekend for $199 (even less for SHWAT™ Team Members). So here’s the deal – when you’re done reading this, you’ll have no more excuses not to go high tech tactical hog hunting this summer. You’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

Lots of people will say that hunting hogs after dark is where it’s at. For those of us who’ve done it successfully, it’s hard to argue the point. But the barriers to entry in that game are largely spelled with dollar signs and numerous zeroes in the mix. That makes decision making way too easy for lots of people: make a year’s worth of car payments or buy a thermal weapon sight? Too often that leaves “vicariously” the only way to experience the thrill of the night hunt, stalk and kill of feral pigs with the cool toys. It’s time to change that equation.

“It’ll never work.” Those words often follow a great idea in the making. Tyler Adair was met with the same sentiments when he conceived his night vision rental idea. Growing up in small central Texas town, hog hunting has been his passion and pastime for as long as he can remember. Night Vision is what countless hog hunters aspire to hunt with, and Tyler was no different. But we all know that kind of gear is expensive. Necessity may be the mother of invention, but she’s also the mother of business ideas. Realizing he wasn’t the only person holding back on purchasing thermal gear and night vision, he ignored the naysayers and in 2012 started Ultimate Night Vision (UNV). Today, literally thousands of people have rented night vision and thermal gear from him.

Rent Night Vision GearThe risks were real. I asked if anyone had ever stolen a rental unit. “Once. And they are in jail as we speak.” What about renters breaking a pricey piece of kit? No surprise really, but rental gear is built like tanks. UNV has never had a rental unit break in the field. It’s been dropped, drowned, and yet is still effective. If renters are concerned about their liabilities, they can usually add the equipment briefly to their own homeowner’s or auto policy.

The most popular rentals at Ultimate Night Vision are ATN thermal weapon sights, the ThOR units. For example, the ATN ThOR 320 2x retails at various online dealers in the $5000 neighborhood. At $199 for a typical three day rental, it’s a no brainer. On the higher end of the thermal line, UNV rents the ATN ThOR 640 5x 640×480, 100mm weapon sight for $489 for the weekend. That’s an $11,000 unit. And if you’re interested in buying one, UNV will apply your rental payment to the purchase of any equipment. With that kind of price tag, try it before you buy it seems like a good idea.

Add a mini digital video recorder to the ATN ThOR for $20, and you can record your hunt through the thermal unit. No more debating how great your shooting was, you’ll have proof!

Night Vision rental equipmentRentals ship out with instructions, batteries, and a prepaid return shipping label.

We only recently discovered Ultimate Night Vision and they’re not an advertiser. So why the big promo here? First of all, it’s an awesome deal you need to know about. Second, that’s why you read SHWAT.com – for fun and info about great hunts, great gear, and great deals. Third, there are a ton of feral pigs out there that need to be killed. We want you out there killing them, day and night! This rental program can get you off the bench and into the field without breaking the bank. We even hooked up all SHWAT™ Team members with a 15% discount! If you aren’t a member, sign up here. It’s just $25 annually, so sign up before you rent and your membership pays for itself on your first rental.

The hogs are out there. You have the gun, you have the ammo. Rent some gear, people, and start dropping wild pigs in the dark! No more excuses!

On the web: UltimateNightVision.com

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