The launch of the Trijicon MRO red dot optic has lit up the firearms world. With thousands of units headed for new owners the need for a top tier MRO mount is urgent. As it turns out, our friends at Alamo Four Star already have that mount built and ready to ship – the DLOC-MRO. Like all their other DLOC mounts, this new mount for the Trijicon MRO features Alamo’s quick detach, quick connect, return to zero mount. I personally like these mounts because they do what they say they will do, and without damaging the host rail.

The Trijicon MRO mount benefits from the patented DLOC quick connect design and three recoil lugs. Unlike many other mount designs on the market, the DLOC mount grabs the same amount of rail on each side creating a super strong connection between the mount and the rail – no strong side and clamp side. That’s part of the return to zero magic. As a QD (quick disconnect) mount, the DLOC requires no tools to quickly mount or dismount. 

DLOC-MRO mountMade from solid aluminum, the DLOC-MRO provides a rugged Trijicon MRO sight. Many MRO owners will be happy to know that the DLOC-MRO provides a 1/3rd co-witness with mil-spec iron sights. 

Recognized by Trijicon for its outstanding mount design and standard setting quality control, Alamo Four Star was asked early in the MRO development process to develop a DLOC mount for the new reflex sight. I’ve not used an MRO yet, but in my experience a DLOC mount from Alamo Four Star is always a practical upgrade to a quality optic.

The DLOC-MRO mount is available from now and will be be available from Trijicon directly. 

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