Mega Arms is an aptly named company. They’ve been cranking out a lot AR-15 parts for years and their roots as a company go back to the 19th century. Mega just announced a couple of updates to their line: the AR-15 Wedge Lock in KeyMod and a redesigned MATEN MKM 308 upper and rail combo. Let’s take a quick look.

The AR-15 Wedge Lock in KeyMod is an addition to the Wedge Lock line. Mega Arms added a KeyMod model of the WedgeLock rail with short 45 degree keymod slots at the front. If you like mounting lights and lasers there you’ll probably love this. Virtually any length you want is available as well: 7, 9, 12, 14 and 16 inch models are available, all made from 7075-T6 extruded aluminum and utilizing a titanium barrel nut. Unless I’m building a rifle to host a suppressor I’d like to place inside a rail, I prefer narrow diameter rails. The Wedge Lock looks nice and narrow with an inside diameter of 1.225 inches. I price checked these at Rainier Arms. At seven inches, the KeyMod Wedge Lock is $250. Stretch out to sixteen inches and you’re around $350.

Mega Arms Wedge Lock in KeyMod

If you’re looking into a .308 AR-10 type build, you might want to look at the redesigned MATEN MKM 308 upper and rail combo. On previous iterations of this set up there were KeyMod slots running the length of the rail at the 45 degree position. The update replaced the KeyMod slots from the rear of the rail almost to the front with some nicely styled cutouts. These new cutouts give a distinctive look to the rail and yield a nice lightweight result. Mega wisely kept a short section of KeyMod slots at the 45 degree points on the front end. Twelve and fourteen inch models are available, both under $600. As stated, this is a combination system of an upper receiver and rail. They are only compatible with Mega MATEN billet lowers. 

Mega Arms KeyMod MKM MATEN

If you’re in build mode, it’s always nice to see new options coming out from quality brands. I might have to check out the new Wedge Lock rail for an upcoming project myself!

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