As a professional hunting guide I spend an average of 260 days in the field. That will test anyone. Beyond being in sound physical shape and mindset, I believe good quality gear is one of the most important factors in a successful hunt or outdoor adventure.  Because you can’t kill what you can’t see, serious optics are at the top of my gear list. When I am hunting or scouting my binoculars never leave my side. Given their price point, you can’t blame anyone for wondering just how good Maven binoculars are. The Maven 10×24 B.1s I picked up in 2014 have impressed me thoroughly. I’ll tell you why.

Maven B.1 Binocular Review

Since Maven is based in my home state of Wyoming I had to check out what this new local company was about. Upon receiving the binoculars, in a very professional looking package mind you, I could immediately tell these were a step above your standard big box products. My first take was that they just looked extremely durable, a highly important attribute because of the punishment I typically give my gear. 

Then I noticed the feel and weight. The 10X Maven B.1’s come in at a sturdy 29.75 oz.  As many other companies’ 10X42’s come in slightly lighter weights on paper, but once you pick up the Mavens you understand why they are heavier. They seem bomb proof and simply “feel” good in your hands. They just scream quality.

Maven B.1 BinocularsStock Maven B.1 binoculars start at $900, but an exciting feature that Maven offers is full customization. Through their website this is done by selecting options and you can actually preview the build in progress. On my B.1’s I had my company name, Orion Design Group, inscribed on the ocular rings. That’s a thirty dollar option. In hindsight, I believe a telephone number would have been wiser! Stranger things than loosing your binoculars happen in the wilderness, but you never know if a Samaritan found them that little engraving might help your binoculars find their way home. 

You can also choose from a number of camo coatings for the main body and several colors for the diopter rings and other metal components. This is certainly a nice differentiator in the crowded optics marketplace.

The glass comes with a scratch and oil resistant coating and the tubes are purged with nitrogen. High end rifle scopes are built this way, but very few other binoculars are. 

The knurled focus dial is silky smooth and extremely easy to manipulate. 

As far as warranty is concerned, Maven states that they have an “unconditional lifetime warranty.” Which essentially means if it’s your fault or theirs they will fix or replace, no questions asked. I like that. I like it a lot!

10x24 Binoculars

Through one spring and two fall hunting seasons I used the B.1’s on every guiding and hunting trip. During that time I was able to compare them to numerous other brands on the market. I was not disappointed in the Mavens. The clarity, field of view, edge to edge sharpness and, of course durability, was what I would have expected of an optic brand that is three times the retail of the Mavens.  I believe this is because they only sell direct with no retail markups. It’s a win for those of who buy them, and it looks like a win for Maven as well.

I believe Maven has produced a superb line of optics that for the price, quality, customization and warranty is hard to beat. So if you’re looking for a set of binoculars that truly perform and will serve you well for the rest of your life, take a look at Maven Optics. I’m glad I did.

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