LaRue Tactical Introduces a .30 Caliber Silencer, the TranQuilo

Clearly 2015 is the year of the silencer, aka “suppressor” or “can.” Now famed Texas gun maker LaRue has entered the game with the TranQuilo priced at a mere $699. No disrespect meant to LaRue or their many fans, but does the LaRue Tranquilo look like a stainless steel pepper grinder? 

From what LaRue says, the priority here was reduced back pressure on AR platform rifles. If it works as advertised, that would be great. I used to think such concerns were overrated, but really, doing suppressed mag dumps might just make your cry.

From LaRue:

The LaRue TranQuilo was designed and engineered for the LaRue 7.62×51 family of rifles, but it’s right at-home on any precision .308 with a 5/8-24 threaded muzzle (1/2-28 threaded adapters also available). The TranQuilo is 100% CNC machined from stainless steels, reduces sound to hearing-safe levels and flash signature to almost zero. CNC machining of all components results in near zero point-of-impact shift when comparing on/off repeatability. This is critical for the majority of users who remove and attach their suppressor between shooting sessions.

The TranQuilo’s reduced-blowback is what sets it apart. The design approach implemented what LaRue calls “SOT” (Safer Operator Technology). With mitigation of gas blow-back in mind, LEPE (Lower Ejection Port Emissions) reduces dangerous materials and contaminants that typically encounter the user’s face. LEPE is an internal design that allows a percentage of pressure to bypass the main flow-path, resulting in extremely low gas blow-back and soft recoil with the benefit of optimum noise and flash reduction.

All components manufactured from a combination of 17-4 PH Stainless Steel and Incoloy A-286. 17-4 PH (Precipitation Hardening) Stainless Steel is a robust chromium-nickel grade of stainless, hardened by a precipitation-hardening treatment. Incoloy A-286 is an age hardenable, Iron-Nickel-Chromium alloy designed for applications requiring high-strength and excellent corrosion resistance.

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