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Previously available only to select law enforcement and video gamers, the commercial Tavor X95 from IWI launched today here at SHOT Show 2016! Like short rifles, compact platforms? Dislike NFA tax stamps and rules? Then you probably are primed for a bullpup rifle, and the X95 Tavor is arguable the latest and greatest entry to that class. I ran a full auto thirteen inch barreled version at the 2015 Bullpup Shoot, and with this announcement of a civilian X95 release I can say it’s my new favorite.


The Tavor X95 is a more compact version of the Tavor SARs that I’ve enjoyed shooting and hunting with since they were released. Its ergonomics are even better than its predecessor’s. The most obvious of which is the new traditionally located push button magazine release. The X95 also benefits from a third QD socket located just above the port. This will give the rifle much better manners and balance when front slung from single or two point slings. As you can see in the pictures the charging handle has been moved backwards on the X95, closer to the shooter.


X95 Tavor mag release


Modularity is improved on the X95 Tavor as well. The forearm is a tri-rail covered by three removable and vented rail covers. While the X95 retains the Tavor SAR trigger guard that is really a full hand guard, it is easily switched to a more traditional trigger guard with pistol grip. A lot of people will love this option, and you’ll have your pick of three colors, black, flat dark earth (FDE) and OD green.


Most of the pictures here are from my first hands on X95 experience running the shorter, select fire law enforcement version. Like its SAR predecessor, the X95 commercial version for civilians can be configured as a 16.5” barreled 5.56 NATO or .300 Blackout rifle, and a 17” barreled 9mm. All use interchangeable cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels manufactured and engineered to IWI’s specifications. Both complete rifles and conversion kits will be available. The first X95 rifles should ship in mid-March as 5.56 black models. FDE will follow, and conversion kits should be released around June.  MSRP for the X95 is $1,999.00 and the conversion kits are $899.00 in 5.56 NATO and 9mm, while the .300 Blackout is only $499.00.


X95 Tavor released


There will be a lot more to come on this Tavor X95. I only have a little trigger time so far, but I expect that to change soon! As I recently wrote in Shooting Illustrated, the Tavor SAR was the tipping point where America fully embraced the bullpup design. IWI US sold 40,000 of these in just two years. With all its enhancements, I imagine the X95 will do very well. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive more updates on the X95.


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