When tactical hog hunting, you can find yourself in all kinds of different shooting scenarios.  You might find yourself shooting off an ATV, off hand, prone – who knows? Sometimes, it’s good to have a shooting rest, one that can be rapidly deployed, weights little, and is versatile.  Enter the Montie Gear X-Rest.

Montie Designs of North Carolina has come up with a unique new product for shooters in their X-Rest series of gun rests.  The various models of the X-Rest are a modular unit of three primary pieces or legs that assemble together to make a very sturdy gun rest for bench shooting or for use on multiple surfaces.  This includes makeshift shooting blind platforms for stationary hog hunting over food plots or known pig travel routes.  The assembly takes all of 30 seconds to complete.

Constructed of lightweight yet strong and durable aluminum with a heavy duty powder coat finish, the front legs of the X-Rest are put together via a cut slot fitted onto the rear leg tang then a spring loaded ball pin is slipped through the retaining hole in the tang to secure the unit.  The locking pin is attached to the rear leg via a permanently affixed cable so it cannot be lost.

Each side of the “X” of the rest is fitted with a soft rubber-type bumper to protect and cushion the rifle or shotgun forearm stock.  The X-Rest can also be used with a hunting handgun or any pistol.  The X-Rest also comes with three rubber foot pad bumpers to cushion the gun rest on the shooting surface whether a hard surface shooting range bench or the hood of a vehicle.  The foot pads can be left off the rest so the bottom of the “tooth cut” legs can settle into soft surfaces like dirt or sand.

Montie Gear X-RestThe Montie Gear gun rests come in a number of different models for varying applications.  There is one specifically designed for use with AR type rifles.  Other models offer varying heights along with light(er) weight models.

Remember the X-Rest is not just for permanent shooting benches either.  The rest can be easily deployed in the field and is ideal for prone position shooting especially for tactical hog hunting applications.  The unit breaks down in seconds and is easily stowed in a backpack.

SHWAT™ hog hunters need to know that Montie Gear also makes several other pieces of unique gear for the hunter, camper, and woodsman.  Check out all their products at www.montiegear.com.

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