hunting is good for the environment

No need to convince me that hunting is good for people and good for the planet. But, still, this NSSF study is an eye opener for me.

Allow me to revisit the first part of my opening line, “Hunting is good for people.” I didn’t grow up hunting. I grew up in a typical Dallas neighborhood not the hunting fields of your favorite state. The 4-H Shooting Sports program created an outlet for me to learn to shoot and, later, to teach younger kids. Dad was an NRA member and the American Hunter Magazine came monthly. He had hunted squirrels as a kid in Arkansas, but with four kids of his own and no connections to hunting land hunting didn’t fit that moment in life. So, in theory I’ve always had a positive view of hunting. But killing something that was staring at you mere fractions of a second ago is altogether different.

Hunting can develop maturity, appreciation for life itself, measured thinking and so much more. But this NSSF report is more about how hunting is good for the hunted. Okay, maybe in the end the hunted comes up the looser in final sense, but it might just beat being shredded by a predator or staving due to overpopulation. But beyond the individual animal taken, the math proves hunting today is good for hunted species tomorrow.
Hunting saves lives

So there are the numbers. Hunting is a real win-win, good for hunters, good for the hunted. What do you say? Comment below, no log in needed.

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