“I’m surrounded by hogs and zombies!  They’re everywhere!”  So said Bryan Stuntebeck, firearms industry pro, while standing in the Winchester Ammunition HQ at the internationally renowned SHOT Show 2012.

SHOT Show (the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show) is an unparalleled annual event drawing pretty impressive numbers:  about 60,000 people from 100 countries.  Special Hog Weapons and Tactics™ was there and on the lookout for Tactical Hog Hunting intel.  No, we didn’t see any live hogs or zombies (or dead zombies, either).  But, the industry is eaten up with this stuff.  There were, however, zombie targets, paper and robotic.  Hornady sells a Zombie Max ammo which we suspect of being useful against some of the smaller wild pigs.  

What does this have to do with tactical hog hunting?  Hogs and zombies are not only two of the hottest things in the firearms and hunting communities right now, they have at least couple of things in common.  Both are really tough.  Wild boar and zombie both effectively adapt to varying environments.  Both can be adversarial.   Purportedly, both can be handled by headshots.  This certainly seems to be the case with feral pigs, but we can’t really verify much on the zombie front.  

When it comes time to address a wild hog situation, the tactical hunter has a variety of tools and tactics to choose from.  One item that is getting more and more attention is ammunition selection.  Winchester is serious about providing a very effective round for the tactical control of the hog population.  Just debuted at SHOT Show is the new Winchester Razorback XT.  Initially available in both .223 and .308, this round looks like the right stuff.  SHWAT™ will have some solid reviews on this in the future, but for now, here’s a quick intro on what makes the Razorback XT so attractive in tactical hog hunting. This is Mike Stock, Winchester Ammunition Centerfire Product Manager.

We’ll have a lot more coming soon from manufacturers of everything related to tactical hunting.  SHWAT™ will bring you gear and gun reviews from some of the most highly regarded names in the industry.  From weapons to ammunition, tactics to gear, SHWAT™ is the center of gravity for the tactical hog hunting world. Don’t miss anything!  Check back often, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.  You’ll know in real time where there’s a new story packed with game changing content. 

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