HK 416 22 review

How about short review of a small caliber gem from Heckler and Koch, the HK 416 .22 LR version? Yep, a .22 version of the gun used to kill Osama Bin Laden. The 416 .22 is clearly meant for fun, not work. So, with that we present you our two minute take video at the bottom and a bit more here in the following review.

HK 416 AR Pattern .22

While the HK 416 22 is more or less a .22LR AR available as both a pistol and a rifle, “more and less” would be a better description.

Here’s the “less:” The HK416 22 is a purpose built semi-automatic .22LR rifle (and pistol version, too) wrapped in AR15 style clothes. Don’t take that as a negative. Unlike some other attempts at .22LR AR wannabe clones, this isn’t an forced adaptation of a 5.56/2.23 gun. So while we don’t get a proper bolt release, the gun runs well. Granted that’s not the perfect .22 trainer for your 5.56 hero skills, but not a bad trade-off.

And now for the “more”: the HK 416 22 is a beautiful knock off of the genuine Heckler and Koch. In fact, it’s a licensed version built by Umarex of Germany. Now that doesn’t mean cheapo. The 416 22 upper and lower receivers are both anodized aluminum. The barrel profile is on point. The forward assist works. The buttsotck and grip are legitimate HK, right from the 416.

Is the HK 416 .22 Any Good?

Let’s start with the mags. AR .22 mags are notoriously painful to deal with. But not 416 .22 mags. They load smoothly, which some would consider remarkable. They fed just as well.

Run the charging handle and you might be pleasantly surprised. It is solid, a shorter stroke it’s full sized big brother. Shoulder the 416 .22 rifle and assuming you flipped up the diopter sights, select “fire” on the very convincingly big brother like safety, and pull the trigger repeatedly.

BANG BANG bang bang. Loading supers and subs in the same mag while running a suppressor worked nicely. Just in case that doesn’t always work, there’s a bolt speed adjustment you can use to correct it.

So with an MSRP around $450 and a street price as low as $369, the smiles per dollar are pretty great. Oh yeah, there’s a pistol version. Get a brace and get busy having some fun!



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