I wasn’t the first to buy into the 300 Blackout hype. I wanted to because I’m hypnotically drawn to cool new things, but I’m also cautious about believing everything thrown at me. I hunted with 300 Blackout subsonic and wasn’t impressed. Neither were the pigs. That changed when I ran Gorilla’s 208 grain A-MAX loads on pigs. I’ve since shot subsonic and supersonic groups measuring less than an inch at 100 yards using Gorilla loads. So, yes, I like their ammo and I’d buy more, but it wasn’t cheap. What if you could buy the same top quality loading from Gorilla Ammunition but save 35% or so? With the new Troop line of remanufactured ammunition from Gorilla you can. Here’s what I’ve found so far.

Gorilla Ammunition Troop lineI went to Gorilla’s website to check prices. Comparing their 208 grain A-MAX loads I calculated a 36% savings. That got my attention. Here’s the value equation: Troop ammo uses once fired converted Lake City Military brass cases that have gone through a Gorilla Ammunition proprietary cleaning and resizing process. The cost savings is in that once fired brass, thus the “remanufactured” designation. The Troop line holds the same high standards for accuracy and reliability, capable of sub MOA accuracy with standard deviations in muzzle velocity of less than 15 feet per second. 

I know Jay Duncan, Director of Sales and Marketing at Gorilla Ammunition. He’s all in to keep the standards high on this remanufactured ammunition. “We have prided ourselves on delivering high quality unique product offerings at an outstanding value to the consumer.  Prior to the introduction of our Troop Line of ammunition, all the remanufactured products on the market have been second tier quality, now with Troop in the marketplace consumers can save a bit of money and still get a very accurate and reliable ammunition product for their firearm.” 

While on their website, I made note of the the current Troop line offerings:

I haven’t yet shot any Troop line 300 Blackout from Gorilla Ammunition, but I’ll order some and report back. I expect it will perform just as Jay Duncan describes it. 

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