Loaded question: What if the law of the land prevented you from shooting, training, hunting or even owning an AR-15, an AK-47, or the highly anticipated Israeli Tavor? What if semi-automatic guns and full capacity magazines got banned? Or maybe these great parts of the gun culture were simply regulated just out of reach. It’s too real of a possibility for some, too remote for others. 

What would you do then, for a super cool, highly effective gun that is every bit as exciting as the best AR-15 on steroids? Just hypothetically, let’s say semi-autos were off the table, either regulated, hard to get, or just banned. That leaves us with a variety of older technologies like lever and bolt guns. Levers are great, but not usually not as versatile as bolt guns. 

Versatility is key, along with the ability to have a high performance gun. Bolt actions are well documented as high performance guns by bench shooters and the military, so we’ll focus on them for this project. There are lots of options on the market, and you could spend plenty of time and money on them. But, think again – stashed somewhere, do you have Grandpa’s almost forgotten bolt gun?

It’s probably put away somewhere, maybe in a safe, maybe hidden under piles of junk in a basement somewhere. It’s collecting dust, and maybe rightly so. Seriously, in a world of 5.56/.223, 6.8 and 300 Blackout guns complimented by the ubiquitous .308, who’d want to shoot Grandpa’s old Remington 700? It’s a .30-06, a fantastic caliber, but relegated to “old school” by many. There’s no box magazine on it, so unloading is tedious. And that scope that’s on it… Whoever heard of the company that made it? And those thin little rings that hold the scope. No wonder the gun has only had 50 rounds in its lifetime sent downrange through it…

Well as it turns out, Grandpa’s gun might just have a ton more potential than first meets the eye. It could be a serious shooter. What if could be reborn as an amazing precision tactical rifle that caused involuntary drool every time you pulled it out and could take out clay pigeons (or hogs) at 1,000 yards? 

“Prove it!” you say? 

Remington 700 basicWe’re already on it. Grandpa’s Gun Reborn is an exciting project where ten or more industry heavyweights are partnering to show you what’s possible. We’re going to take our time and do this right over the coming months. SHWAT™ members will get some limited access content as we go, and be able to submit ideas and questions along the way. We’ll start small, and then GO BIG! 

Not only will you see reports on this project regularly, we’re also producing a video that will document the whole process. You’ll see the progress, and we hope you get excited about what you can do with one of your guns that’s been collecting dust for too long. There are myriads of possibilities, endless options, so chime in as often as you can.

Here’s where we’re headed with this old Remington 700. Every precistion rifle needs a solid trigger, so the first thing we’re going to swap out the factory trigger for a Timney 510 adjustable trigger. We need to see downrange clearly and consistently, with a rock solid optic that uses current technology. So next we ditch the old scope and rings and add a Nightforce C429, NXS 3.5-15×50 with MOAR reticle and ZeroStop in a A256 MagMount. Now it’s getting exciting, but we’ve just warmed up!

Remington .30-06Add a Harris bipod, Alamo Four Star mounts, DRT ammo, a Blackhawk Long Gun Pack Mat w/Hawktex and we’re off to a long range class with Bill Davison at Tac Pro Shooting Center. That should prove challenging. All along the way Jordan King of King’s Arsenal will provide technical advice, quality control and accurizing.  Now we’re going to the next level with this. If we want a precision rifle, we’re going to have ditch the factory stock and replace it with something up to the task. We’ve chosen the Cadex Defense Strike Dual chassis. It’s solid, it’s versatile, it’s meant for precision, and it looks ridiculously amazing. It’s perfect. And, while we think this project is exciting enough to be loudly shared across the world wide web, SWR Suppressors’ Specwar 762 silencer will keep things quite on the hunt and at the range.

Then, we’re looking to convert Grandps’s .30-06 rifle into a .300 Winchester Magnum! Did you know that was possible? Yes, Grandpa’s gun is getting remade, reborn. Or born again – redeemed from the sin of mediocrity. Once almost forgotten, this old bolt gun might become our favorite rifle to pass along to another generation one day. And we think it will be great for taking out hogs, even if you still have your favorite 5.56/.223 black rifle nearby!

Are you excited about joining in the journey over the coming months? Good! We’re excited to share this with you as we move through 2013. You’ll want to keep up via SHWAT’s social media and newsletters, along with all of the outstanding companies that are working together to make this a reality. 

Now, let’s get started…!

Read the rest of the story!

Part 1: Conception – From Dust Collector to Long Range Precision Rifle

Part 2: Trigger Time with Timney Triggers

Part 3: Nightforce NXS with MOAR Reticle Brings Tactical Precision to Part 3 of the Grandpa’s Gun Reborn Project

Part 4: Tactical Long Range Precision Rifle Seeks Cutting Edge Chassis – Enter the Cadex Defense Strike Dual

Part 5: Grab More Rail – Stability, The Foundation of Tactical Long Range Hunting: Alamo Four Star and Harris Bipods

Part 6: Proof Research – Carbon Fiber-Wrapped Precision on Our Long Range Rebuild

Part 7: Long Range Rifle Precision Rifle Boss – Building with King’s Arsenal

Part 8: SWR Silencerco Specwar 7.62: Quiet Roar for 300 WIN MAG

Part 9: 1000 Yard Clay Pigeon Shoot – Precision Rifle Class with Bill Davison at Tac Pro Shooting Center

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