Last week I had the opportunity drive 2500 miles in six days in a loop that took me to places and people you need to know. Why would you want to know them? Excellence and advancement in their own fields that delivers for you and me, the end users. We’re talking Ammo, two firearms manufacturers, and my favorite holster company. In this story, I’ll briefly take you behind the scenes at each company.

Contact One: DRT Ammo in Memphis, Tennessee

DRT 79 gr Gel TestIf you’re an avid SHWAT™ reader, you know the name DRT (Dynamic Research Technologies). We’ve seen plenty of wild hogs hit the dirt when introduced to DRT ammo, and that’s no coincidence.

In the early days of Special Hog Weapons and Tactics™, DRT was introduced to us. They loved tactical hog hunting as much as we did, and were super enthusiastic about their magic bullets. Okay, Nathan Dudney, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, never presented them that way, but the first time I heard about their technology it struck me as nearly magical.

Really, they have simply advanced ballistic technology forward. Seeing is believing, so when DRT offered us the opportunity to witness some gel tests of their ammo in Dallas, we brought the high speed camera and lights. Go watch the video for yourself, but I was immediately convinced that there was no magic, just a substantive departure from the norm.

Here’s the short version from my perspective. As I was getting into both tactical hunting and defensive shooting, most everything I heard about terminal ballistics had to do with bullet expansion and a focus on exit wounds. Today, there are many good choices for that type of conventional ammo.

DRT chose an unconventional route, but one that had been tried before with significant drawbacks. The round was built first for accuracy, and then developed for lethality. Rather than use a solid material with naturally occurring physical anomalies, DRT engineered a mix of powdered metals to create a more consistent bullet core. A cleaner trajectory resulted.

After entry into biological material, the thin copper jacket is destroyed, and the powdered metal inside is freed with an explosive force. The wound is substantial, and rarely will an exit wound be found. All the energy of the bullet is deposited into the target instead.

This unconventional approach is a tough sell for some, but we’ve seen the results. So have numerous law enforcement agencies who have switched. DRT makes ammo for numerous calibers and has a new project coming we’ll be able to disclose in the weeks to come. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Contact Two: Accurate Armory, Lexington Kentucky

Accurate Armory AR Pistol“The New Kentucky Rifle” is the Accurate Armory moniker. You remember the Kentucky rifle… It played a key role in our nation’s quest for freedom when smooth bore muskets were standard military and civilian fare around the world. With a long rifled bore, it was more accurate and used less powder than its contemporaries, giving its shooter an edge.

Accurate Armory was born in a precision tool and die shop, Accurate Tool. Owner Keith Pitts was already building parts for others and had military contracts in house. An avid shooter, Keith naturally gravitated towards building his own guns.

The first focus at Accurate Armory was building authentic milspec AR-15 rifles. They succeeded. Their rifles are the choice of the Friends of the NRA organization, numerous local and state law enforcement agencies, and have been staples of my tactical hog hunting since before the founding SHWAT™.

But milspec AR-15s aren’t the only thing coming out of the Lexington maker any more. Numerous Accurate Armory configurations for competition are seen in Three Gun matches. And like most growing companies, they have a few things up their sleeves we can’t yet show you.

One we can tell you about is their AR-15 pattern pistols. I have yet to shoot one, but that will change soon. Pitts tells me demand is high for seven and eight and a half inch barreled versions. Possible configurations are almost limitless, and silencers are commonly part of the package.

Contact Three: Mag Tactical, Newburgh Indiana

Mag Tactical Systems ARAs for silencers, my fellow SHWAT™ founder Stephen called me some months ago telling me about a new AR-15 maker doing some outside-the-box things with their builds. They also were building silencers. Of course, a gun is always more exciting when there’s a suppressor attached, so when Mag Tactical headed to Texas, we connected and liked what we found.

It’s a straight shot west on I-64 from Lexington, KY to Newburgh, IN (just outside Evansville, IN). I was joined here by Stephen at the invitation of their marketing and R & D guru, Scott Ashworth. Once on site, Scott introduced CEO Bill King and several other key players there. Mag Tactical had something they wanted us see, to test drive, to provide feedback on. That’s as much as I can say now, but it’s pretty cool, certainly effective, and we’ll let you know more in due time.

What we can tell you about are the lower receivers that have brought the most attention to Mag Tactical. Using a proprietary and patented Magnesium loaded aluminum alloy, their fourth generation AR-15 receivers are 35% lighter than a standard aluminum receiver. A patented plating process makes the alloy nearly impervious to corrosion, passing a 1000 hour salt spray test. Matching upper receivers are in the works and should be available in late summer or early fall.

While at the range with Scott, we ran a Mag Tactical .22 TACEO silencer. Constructed of aluminum, it weighs in at 3.5 ounces, 5.25″ long and is Teflon plated on 100% of its surfaces. This makes it easier on the end user to disassemble and clean due to the fouling aspects of the .22 rimfire round. It proved to be just as effective but smaller and lighter then the one I typically use. Nice work indeed.

Time to move on, but keep a look out for something new from Mag Tactical. We’ll tell you all about it.

Contact Four: Crossbreed Holsters, Republic MO

Cross Breed Holsters TeamI got my first CrossBreed Holster before I knew anything about hunting hogs. Or hunting much of anything. I’d tried out the proverbial bag of other holsters, setting aside one after another. They had one of the few inside the waistband holsters for the Steyer M1A1 I owned at the time. On top of that, it was tuckable. I could not have known that years later, CrossBreed would be SHWAT’s Founding Sponsor.

Located near Springfield, MO, CrossBreed is a company on the grow. The last year has seen new product introductions like their Modular Belly Band (co-developed with Rob Pincus) and Ankle Holsters. CrossBreed Firearms Academy came to life this year under the direction of Officer Justin Murry.

CrossBreed’s Super Tuck Deluxe was the beginning of the innovation that launched this true American success story. That innovation continues today, as I was witness to the next generation of products in development there. I’ll be excited to tell you about those when they become available.

After I left, Team CrossBreed was joined by Rob Pincus in Cody, Wyoming for the Shooting Industry Masters competition. I don’t believe you can find a better product from a better company anywhere. I knew that a long time ago, and here at SHWAT™ we are continually proud of the association with Carol, Trent and the rest of the crew there today.

That’s 2500 miles for you in one brief article. It’s a great privilege to know all of these folks. And while I wish you could have joined me, you’re still a part of the story, supporting, participating and defending your rights to access and utilize products from these fine companies. As I’ve said, there are several new products on the horizon with all these companies. SHWAT™ will have the privilege of introducing some of them to you soon. Bookmark and check back often to see what they are, how well they work and if they are something you should have.

There are awesome things happening at SHWAT™! Keep a close eye on the lastest news. There just might be something in it for you…

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