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In actual fact, I’m not the best reviewer for the Elite Survival Systems Marathon GunPack. Don’t tune out just yet, though… Sure, I can check the objective boxes like, is it well built, priced competitively, and so on.  But for a truly credible review, a distance runner like marathoner or triathlete needs to be involved. So I recruited my favorite such athlete for this project, my wife. Now we have something worth reading – or more importantly, watching! If you’re a runner, this is for you. If you are like me, and running is just something you just tolerate, this might still be for you if concealed carry is important to you. If none of the above, you know someone who needs to take a look at this so pass it along. With that in mind, let’s jump in!

First, the facts – I’ve been using and telling people about Elite Survival Systems gear for several years. I have a fair bit of their gear and have carried it across zip codes and time zone from urban to West Texas rural to Rocky Mountain timberlines. It’s all been remarkably well made and a pleasure to own and use. As a matter of fact, I’m writing this from West Virginia and at end of the cabin bed is the Elite Survival travel bag I used for this trip. So yeah, I am impressed with what they do. But I’m not much of a runner, so watch the video to get the full review.

Fact: Build quality is as impressive as I’d expect. Ballistic Nylon and neoprene combine to make a solid product. Buckles or stitching are places where other companies cut corners to cut costs. The Marathon GunPack uses high grade materials – even for the buckle.

Fact: the Marathon GunPack is versatile enough to fit runners of all sizes. Smaller folks can cut off and sear the ends of the belt to make managing the extra length simple. Larger runners won’t have a problem fitting either.

Bummer Fact: My arguably oversized Pelican cased iPhone 6+ is doesn’t fit the phone pocket well when my Remington RM380 pocket pistol is in the pack. I guess I could remove the fat case, but smaller phones, cased or otherwise, work quite nicely.

Fact: The Marathon GunPack is discreet. There’s nothing weird going on here. Gear up in your favorite running apparel, add the gun pack, and you’ll fit right in with the local runners club. You’ll just be better prepared to handle threats of the two- or four-legged kind than most others in your local runner’s club. Concealed carriers who run finally have a product to be excited about.

Fact: Not only does the gun pack allow you to discreetly carry a gun, it comes with two 7 oz. water bottles that are nicely contoured to match your body contours.

Fact: Elite Survival Systems retails their Marathon GunPack for $59.95. A very reasonable cost for the quality and benefits.

You don’t have to be a runner to figure that out. To understand the stability and comfort of the pack, you really do need to run with it. The next best thing is a video with slow motion of a real athlete using the Marathon GunPack. So click play and get the rest of the story, the most important part of the story. 

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