Ever had this happen to you? You are about to head to the range or out on a hunt and have to sort through several boxes or bags to find exactly what you want to take with you. Or have you been ready to head out only to discover you can’t find a critical piece of gear? Maybe you’ve done like me and gotten out in the field on a hunt and realized that the batteries in your night vision gear are low and you don’t have any spares.

Elite Survival Systems M4 RollerWell, here’s a bag that will help you solve all those problems. This thing might hold all your stuff, not just a gun and mags, but virtually everything you need. You might make it your “go bag” that holds more than the bare minimums and is as tough as you are.

Somebody at Elite Survival Systems must have been there and done that because they build the bag to solve the kind of problems we’ve all faced when packing up. When I received my M4 Roller, I was impressed by the size of the box it came in. When I open the box and pulled it out, my first thought was “I’m going to need another one of these to use as general luggage for road trips with the family”. 

This is a big bag. Big enough to hold 15 GI .50 Cal Ammo Boxes, or almost 300 standard AR magazines. It measures 35” x 16 “x 12”. Those are internal dimensions. It will hold two rifles up to 35 inches long in the padded and zippered internal side compartments. The entire main center portion of the bag remains open for storing your other gear. The main compartment is also padded and has dividers that can be adjusted any way you want for a custom fit for your gear. 

Here’s a list of one load out my fellow SHWAT™ Founder Jonathan put together:

Loaded M4 Roller☐ Ear Pro

       â˜ AA Batteries

☐ Extra Ear Pro

☐ Tavor 

       â˜ Magazines

       â˜ Cleaning Kit

       â˜ Optic

☐ AR


        Cleaning Kit

☐ Contour(s)


☐ EoTech EXPS 3-0

       â˜ 123 Batteries

       â˜ Magnifier

       â˜ Zero Tool


       â˜ Dr. Optic batt. CR 2032

       â˜ Zero Tool

☐ Insight M6X Light/Laser

        ☐ 123 Batteries

☐ Flashlight

       â˜ Batteries

       â˜ Charger

M4 Roller☐ APALS

☐ Can(s)

       â˜ Papers

       â˜ Mount

       â˜ Tools


       â˜ AA Batteries

       â˜ Tape Switch



    ☐ 123 Battery

       â˜ Tape Switch

☐ PVS-14

       â˜ Battery

☐ Thermal

       â˜ Batteries

☐ Helmet

☐ Multitool

☐ Lens Cleaner

☐ Allen Wrenches

☐ BiPod

☐ Alamo 4 Star Tripod

☐ Gloves

☐ Sling(s)

☐ Velcro Straps 

☐ Rand CLP

☐ Targets

       â˜ Staple Gun

☐ Patches

☐ Maglulas

☐ Zip Ties

☐ Ammo

Do you really need all that for one hunt? Maybe not, but if you are like us, you might. It’s also really nice to know that if the game cameras say the pigs, deer or any other animal you are hunting are out, all you have to do is grab that one bag and get moving.

Loading all this gear into one bag can make for a heavy bag. No one knows what the maximum load rating is, but Elite Survival Systems staff have loaded an M4 Roller full of bricks, hauled it around and they haven’t broken it yet. I just put my loaded bag on a scale and it currently weighs 72 pounds. This being a well thought out bag, it has wheels and an extending handle to make moving it around easy despite the weight of the gear I’ve stuffed in it. 

M4 Roller by Elite Survival SystemsOutside, it has six compartments of various lengths and depths. In the biggest compartments on the front and back, there is plenty of Velcro and MOLLE webbing to secure a variety of pouches. Included in of these compartments is a removable magazine pouch with Velcro and a shoulder strap that will hold up to six .223/5.56 mags. In addition, on the outside are handles in all the right places and some nicely sized sections of the loop sided of Velcro so you can attach your SHWAT™ PVC patch. Another nice touch are the large, clear document holders on the lid. This is an ideal place to keep maps, shooting logs, paper targets, check lists, etc. 

One question I consistently ask before any gear purchase: “Will it hold up?” Unless I’m intentionally abusing it to see what it can take, I generally take pretty good care of things. That said, I have had handles, hinges, and other hardware on gun bags and cases break. In my view that’s simply not acceptable.

The M4 Roller is constructed of 1000 denier nylon. Heavy-duty zippers and hardware are used throughout. The three wheels on the bottom seem tough and roll smoothly. The stitching appears to match the materials in durability.

I’ve only had this Elite Survival Systems bag for about three weeks. In that time, I’ve thrown it in the back of a truck, taken it on one hog hunt, stuffed it with different guns, and gear selections, moved to a new house with everything I could cram into it, pulled it down steps, and more. So far, there is no sign of wear.

Would I recommend this bag? If all continues to go as well as it has so far, you bet I would! Are there times when it might be overkill? Sure. But, if you want one bag that will do it all, carry it all, and keep on kicking, then this is one of the best gun and gear bags you can buy. Maybe it’s the one bag to rule them all. Maybe it’s the Lord of the Gear Bags…?


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