Steel Will Onrush 632S review

It can be said the greatest tool you have is the one with you at that moment in time. For example, it’s better to have a small gun than no gun for every day carry. For me, knives are a part of everyday life. Like walking out the door without a cell phone in my pocket, I would feel naked without a knife in there, too. When it comes to knives we all have preferences and specific wants and needs for the blade we carry. When approached to review the Italian made Steel Will Knives Onrush 632S, I confirmed with SHWAT™ Chief Jonathan that he would allow me to write a honest and open review of my findings no matter the end result. He said “absolutely” and gave me the green light.

Before this review I was unaware of the brand and had no preconceived likes or dislikes. So you could say I went into to this review completely unbiased though armed with personal preferences for a blade suitable for every day carry. The initial unboxing of the the 632S Onrush made a positive quality impression. The 3D machined G10 handle scales have a great shape and tactile feel, not too aggressive like some other knives that can wear your pocket out in a matter of days.

Inspecting the entire length of the blade, I found the grind basically perfect and consistent except for bit of deviation towards the tip. The edge was shaving sharp and came out of box with a traditional V-grind. This particular model also came with their patent pending serrations which have a staggered geometry of three different sized recesses giving an aggressive cutting ability which is demonstrated in the video below.

My personal preferences for blade steel tend to be ones one which hold a good edge but also allow a fairly quick and painless resharpening. For this reason, 154CM steel has long been a favorite on my mine. The Steel Will Onrush 632S sports a N6490Co steel, an Austrian steel similar to 440c though the finer grain structure is said to take and hold a better edge longer. While I have not had much time to put this knife through any hard use, I am certain it will fare well.

Review Steel Will onrush 632s

Now while overall the knife has great ergonomics and solid construction, I did find a few aspects of the knife which fell short for me. The flipper design just seemed to be missing something. It could be due to the blade being new and stiff, but I found the angle and length of the flipper made it difficult to deploy the blade without a flick of my wrist. That’s a preference, of course, along with this: For me, the pocket clip was good, though I prefer a knife which carriers a bit deeper. Others would view that differently. Ultimately, it’s a good value with an MSRP of $189.

I’m happy to get acquainted with this brand. Steel Will Knives offers a great selection for just about any need, be it a fixed blade for your next hunt or a folding blade for bumming around town which doubles as a SHTF type situation. Only time will tell how this blade will do, but I believe it will fare well and fall into my rotation of EDC blades for the field or streets.

Review steel will onrush 632s

About the Author:
Matthew Cosenzo is a Chef, Writer, Reloader and all around around outdoors-man, passionate about everything from the woods to the water. Widely published, we hope you’ll see more from him here soon.

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