Where I hunt in Mississippi is 680 acres lying alongside the Big Black River about 60 miles north of the Capitol City of Jackson.  The property floods 2-5 times a year, often in the spring and sometimes even in the fall, which can disrupt our hunting and recreational enjoyment big time.  Mother Nature is no lady.

The property is also unique in that it has been formally declared a wetlands by the state soil conservation service.  So, it is wet, at times very wet.  We have owned the place over 20 years now and have appropriately coined it “the muddiest place on Earth.” To hunt this place for hogs or other game you definitely have to have quality “muck” boots.

Tactical hog hunting means the hunter has to go where the hogs hang out.  Usually that is not a particularly user friendly habitat.  Hog hunters must have quality boots for easy walking, stalking, and quietness in a wide variety of terrains including typical southern hog hideouts which means lots of water, mud and muck.

The Original Muck Boot Company

Well, how better named could this brand of boots be?  I bought my first pair on an impulse purchase when a local outdoors hunting store had them on an after season sale.  I bought the Woods Elite models.  Talk about easy on-easy off.  These boots immediately won my heart in the comfort category.  But would they stand up on my place?

Muck BootsI am happy to report two seasons under the sole now, and not so much as a loose seam.  They are a joy to wear even though I went with a full size larger than my normal street shoe size so I could wear thicker socks and gain a little width.  I made the right decision.

The C-Foam shell in this boot construction is the key element.  These are self-insulating and waterproof at the same time.  They allow for a no-pull on foot insertion to get the boots on.  Basically you just “walk” into them.  This is a great feature.

The Airmesh lining in these boots permits air to circulate around the foot to reduce excess humidity and perspiration.  This makes the boot warmer as well.  Damp feet translate into cold feet even when ambient temperatures are not that low.

Multiple Muck Boot Options

Muck boots are available in lots of configurations, and can be found in retailers and online.  Given the $28,000 Wild Hog Roundup prize purse sponsored by Wulf Outdoor Sports, and the storms East Texas saw this week, I’ll bet they sell a bunch of these.  The line is extensive, and offers vast variety of boots made for a host of outdoor activities, many besides hunting.  Many of the styles made for hunting either have camouflage colorations of popular camo patterns or come in green or black. All of these are suitable for hunting. They even have pink boots. We all know pink is a new tactical color – just look at the black rifles with pink plastic or paint now available!

Shin GuardsBesides the original Woody Elite models I bought first, I have added two other pairs including the Woody Ex Pro in Mossy Oak camouflage with the additional shin overlay protection for use in tough brush and briars.  Talk about hog busters, these boots can handle the toughest habitat this side of razor blade thorns.  These are great for colder weather and have a very aggressive mud gripping sole.  These boots do not slip and slide around.

Another good feature of the Muck Boots seems to be their ability to release mud, dirt, and gravel at the slightest use of water hose pressure to clean them off.  They are also quick to dry out on the outside.  The quick clean up feature is a good thing around home and hunting camp.

All in all I have yet to find a fault with any of the three pairs of Muck Boots I am using.  They fit well, wear well, and pants legs can go right down into the top of the boot to keep out grass, sticks, ticks, and other junk.  The sole designs are aggressive for mud and wet conditions and the boots keep feet warm.  Again we’re talking great utility here for all-around every season hog hunting.

On days when the temps are near freezing I just add food warming pads to my socks. Preparation is a key piece of the tactical puzzle.  If you want a good boot for wet conditions or just everywhere comfortable wear in the field, woods, or town, check out a pair of Muck Boots.

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