How to pick the best camo

That’s probably the most clickbait title I’ve ever written! What is the best camo? Best camo in 2021? Honestly, it’s probably easier to identify the worst camo so we have a benchmark to work from!

I present to you the following winner of “Worst Camo 2021!”

ugly camo

Gross. That makes pretty much anything else look awesome, right? That’s the Shinesty attempt at something they call “Hunt Good Times”. Hard pass here, but wait!

When deer hunting, what color is the vest? Right! Orange! Apparently deer don’t see orange, so, might this be an ideal, even best camo for you deer hunters?

I’ll leave that for you to debate, but let’s move on to my somewhat less than scientific analysis of what I consider to be the best camo at the moment. “How then,” you ask, “do you draw your conclusions?”

Good question.

Surplus Camo

Like other media types in the gun industry, I have a sizable variety pack of camo in a closet. My first pair were Air Force surplus. I hunted successfully in those, but I didn’t love them. And daylight hunting hogs in golden wheat I didn’t feel like the dark greens were doing me any favors. It was probably moderately good for deer, as the tones weren’t too far off the sage and cedars I sometimes hunted around in Texas. But that old cotton just wasn’t awesome, so scratch those off our “best camo” list.

Kryptek Camo

After we launched SHWAT™, I met Greg Ray on a West Texas hog hunt. Greg is a hunting and shooting industry heavyweight and at the time was rocking some Kryptek camo. Now THAT looked awesome, day and night!

Kryptek camo

Greg rocking his Kryptek a few years ago!

So, I had to have some.

Kryptek came in a variety of colors, and Vertx offered to send out some in the Highlander scheme. To this day, I love that camo. Why? Because I think it looks awesome! It certainly fits well with the West Texas hog hunting and brown-scape terrain. It also fits well with some duck blinds.

Tactical Duck Hunt

When we started hunting hogs at night, I got some Kryptek Typhon camo. Now, before you dismiss blackout camo for lowly civilian hunters, here me out. Sometimes we hunt enormous fields under a bright moon. Hogs are on the lookout and while some say they have poor eyesight, a sharp silhouette or two or three lets them know it’s time to bug out.

Tactics like forming a single file line of hog assaulters help, but we found that if the lead hunter was completely blacked out (I have that apparel as well), the odds of spooking the pigs seemed higher than when wearing the nuanced Kryptek Typhon black camo. No, that’s not scientific, but that’s my experience regardless.

best camo

I like the zippered bicep pockets in the top, but wished zippered cargo pockets in the pants. The material on my Kryptek is 50% cotton and 50% Nylon, a little heavy and a little stiff. And Pro Staffer Jared Hilton would chastise me for being loud as the pant legs brushed together while walking.

Beyond Clothing

Beyond Clothing Review

This is the most expensive camo I’ve owned. I wanted something lighter, something that would breathe and stretch. And, of course, it needed to look good. I wore that camo consistently for many hunts. It proved too bright for night hog hunts, but worked really well in a variety of ecosystems from Texas to Colorado. I don’t know what happened to it, maybe it was the laundry, user error. But while it lasted for years and I’d still say it’s a winner, it faded to a really bright green. I guess if I go alligator hunting in the everglades or hog hunting in Florida I could blend in. In any event, I went looking for what’s next.

Slumber Jack

best camo

I stumbled across Slumber Jack camo at an Outdoor Retailer trade show. The people were great, the product looked promising, so I jumped on it. I wasn’t sure how the pattern would work, but it was designed by Colorado Elk hunters so I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, it’s pretty good! I got the windproof jacket and pants and the insulated jacket as well. Layered up with some key base layers, I survived a cold coyote hunt in Nevada. If it’s cold, I’m grabbing that jacket kit today.

True Timber

best turkey hunting camo

I still craved some lighter, breathable camo. True Timber hit my radar, but when I saw the Strata and Viper patterns, I had to give it a shot. Man, do I love these patterns and colors! Does that make them more effective?

No, of course.

But, without question, this is the best cut camo I’ve ever had. What do I mean? I’m about as average as average gets. Five-foot eight inches of boring build, but with exceptional good looks… I digress. Some tactical gear and camo companies seem to think we buyers want the hip-hop-low-ride pants with the crotch halfway to our knees. Like you can move through the woods easily in those!

Best camo for you

Others bring the waste up to the point where I feel like a grandpa from 1955 with my belt above my belly button. Seriously, who thought that was a good idea?

Best Camo for You?

Get something that freaking fits you!

Seriously, that’s my new “must-have” criteria. Yes, it needs to keep me warm if it’s cold, or at least work well some good layering choices. Yes, it needs to breathe where appropriate. But even if it lasts a hundred years, If I hate wearing it I probably won’t, so what’s the point?

Get a color pallet that blends well with your environment and a pattern you want your picture made in after the successful hunt.

As for me, I need some more True Timber. Or maybe some high-end Gucci-gear camo I’ve seen some friends use. What about you?


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