If you have been following SHWAT™ for any length of time, you know we are fans of the IWI Tavor.  We were the first in the USA to put the Tavor through a dedicated carbine class with Force Options Training and Security.  We’ve hunted with it and we’ve tested the Timney trigger upgrade.  Other than the triggers, there aren’t many aftermarket parts for the Tavor in America yet despite its higher than expected sales.  One item that has caught my attention in the accessory vacuum is the American Built Arms T-Grip.

AB Arms T-Grip SHWATAmerican Built Arms (or AB Arms) is a veteran owned company selling a variety of products from weapon accessories to complete guns.  One of their specialties is quality polymer gun parts.  Their decision to build a vertical grip for the Tavor fills a significant void.

I’ve use a number of vertical grips on the Tavor, both as an experiment in their general usefulness and as a way to mount and control lights and lasers.  My favorite has been the Crimson Trace MVF-515 which has integrated laser (IR laser is optional) and flashlight.  I am a big fan of the Crimson Trace grip, but it has two drawbacks on the Tavor.  First, it is long enough to be somewhat cumbersome.  Second, while it is a good value considering the features you get it is expensive for a grip.

By contrast, the AB Arms T-Grip is stubby and retails for just $39.99.  No, it doesn’t have a light or laser, but that isn’t its purpose Designed to help the user “drive the gun” it works well.  I’ll expound on that in a minute.  It does hold AA or CR123 Batteries.

SHWAT AB Arms gripThe Tavor is a compact platform by design, so having a full-length grip hanging off the front can be awkward in more way than one.  For starters, it looks odd, at least in my opinion.  Beyond simple vanity complaints, a long grip can also be an issue with storing the Tavor in some compact gun cases.  A short vertical grip may aid the support hand in directing more energy into pressing the gun to your shoulder rather than pulling the gun downward.

One of the challenges some have found with other vertical grips, long or short, made for the AR family of rifles is that their index finger can get pinched between the grip and the lip on the bottom front of the Tavor.  The T-Grip solves this problem.  One of my buddies actually found it comfortable to move his hand up on the grip far enough that his index finger rode on the front of the Tavor for end, just under the barrel.  That may not be the best place to put your finger, but it does give you an idea that the pinch issue is truly eliminated.

AB Arms Tavor Vertical GripThe T-Grip is ergonomically designed with palm swells and a raked back angle.  I find the palm swell comfortable and I think most others will too.  The angle of the grip adds comfort for the wrist and elbow, allowing for a compact stance that matches the Tavor. The most comfortable way I found to use the T-Grip is to keep my thumb on the left side above my knuckles (or right side if I’m shooting left-handed).  Coincidentally, this grip seems ideal if I have a pressure switch attached to the side of the fore grip.

In a marketplace that is short on aftermarket support of a fantastic and in demand rifle, American Built Arms is offering a purpose built add-on.  The quality is there, the ergonomics are there, and the price is reasonable.  For most users, this is probably the best vertical grip you can get for the Tavor.  It also happens to work well on an AR too.

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