Bowers Suppressors Inserts“Quiet Versatility™” is one of Bowers Group LLC’s trademarks, and that “Versatility” part is one key benefit where Bowers excels. Since the late 1990’s Tom Bowers has been producing some of the quietest suppressors in the industry. Part of the backstory could win you a night out on your buddies with some silencer science trivia. Just ask them what company pioneered silencer insert systems. Unless they say Bowers, they pick up the tab! But what is an insert and why does it matter? Read on…!

Inserts allow you to customize your suppressor to mount on any number of firearm hosts without having to buy more expensive muzzle device type mounts for each gun. The interface is clean and cost saving to the end user. Each insert is CNC machined from billet for precision and features a hexagonal head for quick and easy changes of the thread pitch on your Bowers suppressor. Swapping inserts allows you to easily transition your Vers 9 silencer from a 9mm platform to a 300 Blackout platform. Thus, “versatility.” And maybe “valuity,” but that doesn’t quite have the same ring I guess.

Bowers Inserts

Some Bowers customers simply leave their adaptors in place on their guns so their silencer can be quickly attached to any of their hosts.

I own silencers from several different manufacturers and to my way of thinking the inserts are pure genius, a clear representation of how innovation is still very strong in the firearms industry. Bowers manufactures two types of inserts, the ATAS™ (All Tactical and Stuff) inserts and the Versadapt™ inserts.

Bowers’ first design was the ATAS™ insert, a small and lightweight insert designed for the ATAS™ mount. These inserts work specifically with the light weight ASP™ .45 pistol suppressor, their two .22LR Paradigm models and their .22 User Serviceable Suppressor (USS). There are 11 ATAS™ inserts available at this time. The Bowers’ ASP is extremely popular among .45 caliber enthusiasts due to its light weight construction and piston-less design. It is designed to be shot wet on pistols and can be shot wet or dry on carbines. Its popularity at the NFA Review Channel Trade Show this past year was impressive to watch. Silencer Shop was also at the show and they stated that the Bowers USS .22LR suppressor is the quietest in the industry. Wow, what a testimony!

Bowers ATAS InsertsThe ATAS™’ big brother, the Versadapt™ insert system, has a much more robust design as it serves the submachine gun, carbine and big bore calibers.   The Versadapt™ works specifically with the Bowers’ Adapter Integrated Mounting System (AIMS™). There are currently 26 Versadapt™ inserts to choose from, allowing the shooter to adapt the suppressor to multiple thread pitches. Wait, an insert for every rifle, especially my 458 SOCOM? Just take my money! Seriously speaking, Bowers is deeply rooted in the submachine gun space and many consider Tom as an innovator and authority in high value/high quality suppressor manufacturing. Not many suppressor companies can say this and back it up, but Bowers can.

If you’re an MP5, Uzi or Wilson Combat fan, Bowers has a special treat for you. Bowers manufactures a specialty Versadapt™ insert specific to the AIMS™ for these three platforms. One of the most popular is the three-lug insert for the HK MP5 submachine gun. For the Uzi aficionado, Bowers offers an insert which simply replaces the barrel nut. Lastly, for the Wilson Combat crew, which includes yours truly, Bowers offers the Vers Wilson Combat (VWC) insert, which fits on the Wilson Combat rapid thread muzzle brakes.   All the specialty inserts are designed to function with any Bowers submachine gun or carbine suppressor with an AIMS™ mount. Nicely done!

Bowers Versadapt Suppressors

Wilson combat barrel and brake, Bowers Vers 458 and Versadapt inserts. The long insert threads over the Wilson Combat brake.

Bowers Group LLC is, could seriously contend as the ultimate one stop shop for every shooter’s suppressor needs. Do you see the value in the ATAS™ and Versadapt™ inserts? Quiet Versatility™ is more than just a catchy phrase, it’s the foundation upon which Tom and the entire Bowers Team live by. According to Tom, “Bowers flat out makes the quietist submachine gun suppressors out there…” If it wasn’t for me personally witnessing several Bowers’ suppressors in action I’d probably be skeptical about such a bold statement. I was there and I know what I didn’t hear. Now it’s your turn… Enjoy the quiet.

Bowers Suppressors

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