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Are you a quality or quantity kind of gun owner?

Of course, you could be both and AR-15 parts maker Forward Controls Design really makes it easy to check the quality box. Owner Roger Wang has a rock solid track record here. I’ve known him for about five years and you’ve seen his designs on most of my AR-15 pictures here at Roger is the co-inventor and patent holder of the Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector (BAD ASS), and BAD CASS. His creativity comes from a passion to improve and refine controls resulting in a better user experience.

Better user experience is what drove innovations like a computer mouse with both right and left click options. Forward Controls Design currently offers several products and I’m using them all.

The ABC/R-F (Augmented Bolt Catch/Release, Forged) enhances the surfaces, their sizes and angles when compared to old school mil-spec Bolt Catch/Release designs. Ambi users will really love this. Personally, I prefer it ambi or not. Machined from forged 17-7 stainless steel, the ABC/R-F is Melonite coated retails for $38. I’ve seen cheaper ones break in two, so this is a real winner in my book.

The Enhanced Mag Release (EMR) makes a subtle yet sweet change to the AR-15 mag release. Essentially, it’s the same size as its predecessors, but the surface is curved slightly, matching the contour of an average index finger. Horizontal serrations add to the finger self centering benefits of the EMR. The EMR-C is a little taller and omits the hole common to mil-spec designs. The EMR is $8 and the EMR-C is $8.50. For that money, you can buy both, pick the one you like, then give the other to a friend!

The Low Drag Forward Assist (LDFA) is a minimalist interpretation of the AR-15 Forward Assist. Old school units have a rim that reminds me of how a .22 rimfire round is designed. The Forward Controls Design LDFA is rimless. If you charge your AR-15 in such a way that finger drags across the top of your forward assist you’ll appreciate the practical benefits as well as the aesthetics. Black oxide finished, the LDFA is made from 17-4 stainless steel bar stock and retails for $36. a titanium version is $50.90.

It’s been said it’s the little things that make the biggest differences and this is one case where that’s unquestionably accurate. Our friend Nate (NSZ85) breaks it down for you in this video:

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