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SHWAT™ – Special Hunting Weapons And Tactics™ – is the lifestyle brand of today’s hunters. We are not one dimensional. The #SHWATlife fuses together guns, adventure sports, hunting, tactical training and competitive and recreational shooting. Adrenaline is our ally, focus our friend. If you like guns, gear and adventure, SHWAT™ is your home. We’re glad you’re here.

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SHWAT™ began as a labor of love, a place to share experiences and ideas while having some fun. We already had a foot in the shooting, hunting, outdoors industry since one of the founders had numerous website and digital marketing clients in this space. Others thought it was a good idea and joined us as Pro Staff, massively multiplying the diversity of SHWAT’S experience and expertise. Today, we have Pro Staff staged around the country and even in the epic hunting haven of New Zealand.

Putting it all together each week requires a remarkable sum of time and money. We travel some, we buy gear (not just gun gear, but investments in cameras, computers, software – you get the idea). We’re sometimes gone from families and we take time from other businesses that would feed our families.

In the beginning, we took no paychecks and used our own funds to subsidize and operate SHWAT. It grew, and continuing along that trajectory with no real financial model would have bankrupted the journey. Fortunately, backers came along side to support us. Some have banner ads here, some don’t. That brings up the all important question – “How objective can you be when reviewing a backer’s product?”
Real objective.
Without exception, the founders have used – or at least tested – the products our backers make or sell before a check was ever in the mix. In some cases, we used their products quietly for years, even before SHWAT was born. Sometimes we’ll receive a product to test.  That’s usually an exciting mail call, but it can go one of two ways from there.
If we like the product, you’ll probably see a review here. If we don’t like the product, we probably returned it along with a note on why we didn’t feel we could present it on
“Why don’t you do negative reviews?” is asked once in a while. The easy assumption could be that we don’t want to get cut out of the industry, but that’s not it. Case in point: A major night vision/thermal company had us out to a hunting ranch to test one of its new products a couple of years or so ago. The product was a noteworthy step forward in technology, but the user interface was so bad we felt we could not recommend it to you. The manufacturer took our feedback, made most of the changes we suggested and then released the product. We were then able to test it and enthusiastically tell you about it.
Fortunately for all of us, you who view our work and we who produce it, some companies recognize the value of what we produce and provide the backing to keep it all going. Yet you’ll not see us review one of their products here if we aren’t genuinely excited about doing so. We’ll also show you the competition, and our backers know this.

With Pro Staff contributing content for you, our Editor in Chief cannot personally vet every product reviewed here. But we add to our Pro Staff selectively and tend to think pretty highly of those contributing these days. We tend to trust their judgment.

That said, we don’t suggest you ever rush out and buy something just because we love it. We’ll try to tell you what we love about something, then it’s up to you to find out what others think and weigh our opinion or experience against those to make an informed buying choice. Agree with us or not, we really do hope you have some fun while here!
There are more important things than money, but without it we can’t keep bringing you the info and entertainment we all enjoy. So we thank our backers for making it possible and we thank you our audience for engaging with us here, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, our newsletter – wherever your favorite place is. We’ll keep working hard to add value to your day!


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